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Some of our restaurants

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RyuGin (日本料理 龍吟)

JPY33,500 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi / Japanese food

One of the most prestigious and world-famous Japanese restaurants in Japan. Loving of seasons, RyuGin shows you the enrichment of Japan. Keeping three Michelin stars for many years.

Pocket Concierge

Kanda (かんだ)

JPY31,500 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Motoazabu / Japanese food

Awarded Michelin 3-star continuously in last 10 years. Without a written-down menu, carefully selecting seasonal ingredients catering every guest’s perforation. Enjoy the great hospitality at this Japanese restaurant.

Pocket Concierge

Sazenka (茶禅華)

JPY24,592 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Minami-Azabu / Chinese cuisine

A sharp restaurant lead by a Chef who trained at Japanese restaurant and Chinese restaurant. Distributing new idea of cooking that superimposed Japanese season food and Chinese cuisine techniques to the world.

Pocket Concierge


JPY28,462 〜 / Tokyo Taito-ku Komagata / French

Highly anticipated. Chef Watanabe solo after years supporting the three-star Michelin "Robuchon". Beside Sumida River, Asakusa, enjoy views of the Tokyo Skytree and unique French cuisine.

Pocket Concierge

aeg (エッグ)

JPY16,394 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Sirokanedai / Western international cuisine (Other)

Provided by Woman Chef from three-stars awarded Michelin restaurant, the new genre "Nordic-Japanese cuisine" restaurant bring you a taste containing a original view of the world.

Pocket Concierge

Kurosaki (くろ﨑)

JPY29,000 〜 / Tokyo Shibuya-ku Sibuya / Sushi

Exquisite sushi by young master at the top of Miyamasuzaka in Shibuya. Enjoy superb sushi, by the main counter or in a private room with child-friendly counter, suited for various occasions.

Pocket Concierge

Sushi ICHIKAWA (いちかわ)

JPY43,370 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Minami-Azabu / Sushi

Michelin-starred, traditional Tokyo sushi in Shirokane Takanawa. The chef, gained experience in Kyoto cuisine restaurant, prepares top-class sushi with traditional dishes.

Pocket Concierge

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara(炭火焼肉 なかはら)

JPY23,000 〜 / Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Rokuban-cho / Yakiniku

Popular yakiniku restaurant "Shichirin" in Minowa, reopened in Ichigaya named "Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara." Selects only the highest quality delicious parts Japanese Black Wagyu beef.

Pocket Concierge

Sushi Arai (鮨 あらい)

JPY31,000 〜 / Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza / Sushi

Trained at fine establishment such as Kyubei and Sushisho, the young chef here continues to amaze the sushi-lovers. Ginza is a hotspot of fine sushi restaurants where Arai outshines the rest.

Pocket Concierge


JPY16,394 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Higashi-Azabu / Innovative cuisine, Fusion cuisine

Sublime was created by the owner Mr. Yamada, who learned his trade from well renowned French restaurants in Tokyo, and chef Kato, who learned his trade in Scandinavia. It is a restaurant that stands out from the rest as a venue where guests can enjoy truly authentic Nordic-French cuisine.

Pocket Concierge

Restaurant Ryuzu

JPY13,662 〜 / Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi / French

At Michelin two-starred French restaurant Restaurant Ryuzu in Roppongi, you can enjoy a variety of dishes that showcase the flavors of seasonal ingredients.

Pocket Concierge

Renge (レンゲ)

JPY25,000 〜 / Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza / Chinese cuisine

A popular Ginza restaurant serving Shanghai cuisine, highly rated on "The World's Best Restaurants". Fuses Japanese, Western and Chinese to create an original take on Chinese cuisine.

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