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It is our pleasure to introduce “7 Best Remarkable Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo”.  You can reserve these Sushi restaurants through our Pocket Concierge. Before you come to Japan, please get the seats as soon as possible.

7 Best Sushi Restaurants
1. Fudomae Sushi Iwasawa
2. Sushi Craftsman Hatano Yoshiki
3. Nishi-azabu Kamikura
4. Sushi Kokoro
5. Sushisho Masa
6. Sushi Fujita
7. Irifunesushi

Fudomae Sushi Iwasawa

sushi-iwasawaFudomae Sushi Iwasawa | Pocket Concierge

“Independent from “Sushisho” group, 3 kinds of rice delicately combined”

The “Sushisho” could be said that is the most famous group of restaurant among sushi lovers. From the original “Sushisho” in Yotsuya, many sushi crafters becoming independent, and opened their own well-established restaurant. “Fudomae Sushi Iwasawa” is one among first-class of them.

After 8 years training as second hand in “Sushisho Saito” in Akasaka, Mr. Iwasawa opened his own restaurant in Fudomae. In here L shape plain wood counter gently shining. Appetizers and Sushi are combining in the Omakase Course. Dishes are dedicated arranged and served, marriage with selected drinks. Over 10 different Japanese Sake are on your choice to make a different combination. The special of sushi here is that 3 kinds of rice are combining used, dedicated arranging giving it a jewelry-alike outlook. Becoming a Chef from system engineer, the different experience of Mr. Iwasawa bringing his special style, manner, and relationship as a Chef. You may find the feeling of relief from him. Started from the one dish of special in this season, Dotted gizzard shad, and Tuna are all something you don’t want to miss here.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Fudomae Sushi Iwasawa (不動前 すし 岩澤)
Address: NSV Building 1F, 5-6-11 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Sushi Craftsman Hatano Yoshiki

sushi-hatanoyoshikiSushi Craftsman Hatano Yoshiki | Pocket Concierge

“Traditional skill combining with personal specialty, a revolution of Edo Sushi”

An Edo Sushi restaurant “Sushi Craftsman Hatano Yoshiki” in Azabu-Juban area. Young Chef Mr. Yoshiki Hatano, gain his experience from years of training following the Chef of “Sushi Kou” in Ginza, Mr. Okabe, and oversea experience (America, Hawaii, and Kona Island), with various skills, charming, and relationships, now becoming the chef of one “hard-to-reserve” sushi restaurant.

In 2015, he changed the name of the restaurant from the “Sushi Michi” to “Sushi Craftsman Hatano Yoshiki”. As “the way to make fishes most delicious”, traditional skills are combining with skills in Italian and French, to prepare the Edo-style Sushi here, aimed to achieve delicious in every single day. The recommendation course is including snacks and sushi, arranging seasonally. Highest level fresh fish is ordered from our special-trusted partners, seasoned with salt and vinegar, and aged until the perfect balance is achieved between red vinegar and fresh fish. The “Gari” (sweet and sour pickled ginger) here is totally free with any addition, home-made, and square-cut. Carefully prepared “Castella eggs roll” has a delicate sweet taste just like desserts.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Sushi Craftsman Hatano Yoshiki  (鮓職人 秦野よしき)
Address: Torii Saka Annex 3F, 5-11-25 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo

Nishi-azabu Kamikura

sushikamikuraNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

“Casual Edo-style Sushi, offered by the chef worked at famous Sushi restaurant at Ginza”

“Nishi-azabu Kamikura”, hidden-gem sushi place located at the Nishi-azabu transaction, about 7 minutes walk from Hiroo Station. Head chef Kamikura had worked at famous sushi places at Ginza, his brightness has been affixed to the atmosphere around the counter seats/

Using ingredients stocked at Tsukiji Market, serving only an alternative style of chef’s selected course, that nigiri sushis are served along with alternately. Vinegar rice is prepared by red vinegar, among those representative Edo-mae ingredients like tuna, kohada, urchin, chef especially focuses on the tuna, not only the “red meat, medium fatty tuna and pink fatty tuna” but a lot more rare cuts can be enjoyable here. Pairing alcoholics are also eye-catching, a variety of wine and red wine are attractive to customers.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Nishi-azabu Kamikura (西麻布 かみくら)
Address: 1/F, Seasons Nishi-azabu, 4-2-9 Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sushi Kokoro

sushikokoroSushi Kokoro | Pocket Concierge

“Edo-style Sushi by the chef who has much experience at ‘Ginza Kyubey’”

Sushi Kokoro, a sushi restaurant in Kagurazaka, located between Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station and Iidabashi Station. 17-year experienced at “Ginza Kyubey”, owner-Chef Oba has been served as a private chef at Nicolas Island, Greece.

The name “Sushi Kokoro” also meaning “Heart of Sushi”, has a connection to “Never forget one’s first resolution. Perform wholeheartedly with humility”, let every guest enjoy the traditional Edo-style Sushi in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Gathering the best ingredients of the season every morning from Tsukiji Fish Market. Providing the best taste of fresh, seasonal sushi is one of Sushi Kokoro’s principle.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Sushi Kokoro (鮨心)
Address: 3F Hilltop Building, 3-6-3, Kagurazaka, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Sushisho Masa

sushisho-masaSushisho Masa | Pocket Concierge

“Artisanal Sushi for people who what to want the real thing”

Sushi restaurant “Sushi-Sho Masa” is located close to Nishi-Azabu Crossing and 10 minutes’ walk from Roppongi station. It is distinguished by its bright red doorway curtain. The boss who manages the seven counter seats is Masakatsu Oka, who came from the famous “Sushi-Sho” in Yotsuya. Oka carries himself with such energy that he has deeply invigorated the atmosphere of the entire restaurant. Following the style of his original restaurant “Sushi-Sho”, courses of nigiri sushi and side dishes are served alternately. Guests can sample small portions of a rich array of delicious dishes, along with Japanese sake. Committed and uncompromising selection of ingredients are the boss’ obsession. Come and experience the menu where every dish is a culinary gem; the product of a chef who has honed his craft and sees being picky naturally creates the true sushi.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Sushisho Masa (すし匠まさ)
Address: Sebunnisiazabu B1F, 4-1-15, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sushi Fujita

sushi-fujitaSushi Fujita | Pocket Concierge

“Perfect Sushi with different vinegar rice”

Sushi Fujita, a secret Sushi place located near Higashi-Ginza Station. The counter seating is made of Japanese Zelkova, presents a high-end space to let the guests experience the warmth of a plain wood. Close to Tsukiji market and Kabukiza in Ginza, this sushi restaurant can also serve guests in English, it is often visited by foreign visitors as a part of their sightseeing around Tokyo.

Serving Chef’s Omakase course only; including nibbles for drinks, charcoal-grilled dishes and Nigiri sushi at the end. Sushi rice is prepared with 2 different brands of vinegar, creating the best taste of Sushi. Tamagoyaki, Japanese rolled omelet is a Must-try dish here.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Sushi Fujita (鮨 ふじ田)
Address: 1/F, Shinyama Building, 3-13-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Irifune sushi

IrifunesushiIrifune sushi | Pocket Concierge

“You can savor real tuna Sushi”

A sushi restaurant renowned for its tuna and often featured in the media. Located right by Okusawa Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. The restaurant’s plain appearance makes visitors feel at ease. Many customers travel long distances to enjoy the sushi here.

Working right before your eyes, the restaurant’s chef skillfully prepares Tsukiji Market’s best offerings of fresh bluefin tuna or fresh, seasonal seafood caught in Japanese coastal waters. Aburi Otoro (broiled fattiest portion of tuna) and Kawagishi ‘gunkan-maki’ (literally, warship roll) are also masterpieces of flavor. Friends, customers, and other sushi lovers will be delighted that you brought them along to this restaurant.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Irifune sushi (入船寿司)
Address: 3-31-7 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

※These Sushi restaurants are currently difficult-to-book, but if you register as a member of Pocket Concierge you will be able to receive update information of various restaurants.

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