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Best restaurants (Michelin, Japanese, Sushi, Yakiniku, Teppanyaki, etc.) in Japan. For your real Japanese culinary experience.

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French, tokyo, Top chef interviews

【Sincére】 Enjoy the Seasonal, Story-Like Menu With Classical But Playful Dishes


Michelin, Top chef interviews

“Restaurant Ryuzu” the Samurai chef reveals the real flavor of the Japanese ingredients


Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants, Top chef interviews

“Florilège” French chef and advocate with attention around the world, facing food loss and waste problem in his own style.

炭火焼肉 なかはら_シェフと肉の手切り

Top chef interviews, Yakiniku

“Yakiniku Nakahara” The best ‘Wagyu Yakiniku’ craftsman bringing out the real quality and taste.


Michelin, Top chef interviews

“Nabeno-Ism” ex-Robuchon French chef creating the next era of cuisine -A fusion of Japanese and French food culture-


Sushi, Top chef interviews

“Sushi-Shin” Michelin one-starred sushi craftsman finally found his own sensibility after trying hundreds of sushi restaurants.


Michelin, Top chef interviews

“Higashi-Azabu Amamoto” The Michelin-star rookie inheriting the soul of “Oyaji-san”, the legendary sushi craftsman


Michelin, Sushi, Top chef interviews

“Sugita” Sushi craftsman pursuing the best ‘Omotenashi’ by succeeding the philosophy from long-established sushi restaurants


Michelin, Sushi, tokyo, Top chef interviews

“Sushi Masuda” The untiring improvement inheriting the spirit of Michelin three-star restaurant “Sukiyabashi Jiro”


Special, Top chef interviews

“Quintessence” Michelin three-star chef: Mr.Kishida’s ‘Essence’