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Hello, this is Pocket Concierge editing team.
How much sushi do you usually eat when you go to a sushi store?
Is sushi really healthy? Let‘s use an example of the sushi I usually order and the specific calories.

【The sushi the writer ate at a conveyer belt sushi store (referred by the celery chart of a sushi chain store)】

・Surume squid (Japanse common squid):78kcal
・Oval sqiud:85kcal
・Crab salad ship roll:171kcal
・3 seared sushi (tuna, salmon, sea bream):230kcal
・Meidum-fatty tuna: 196kcal
・Plum shiso roll: 208kcal
【Total】 1,240kcal

Wait, is this true?
Let‘s leave the fact that a lot of the sushi I ordered was something a lot of kids also liked. Isn’t the colors too high? Sushi is so small you can eat in a bite!

The energy amount necessary for adults decided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, is about 1400 – 2000kcal for a women who doesn‘t have a lot of activities, and about 2200±200kcal for men. So this means that I just consumed all my energy for the day.


1. People Eat an Average of 9.3 Sushi Plates

2. Eat Crab, Shrimp, Squid, Octopus, or Shellfish If You Want a Low-Calorie Diet

3. Inari Sushi Has the Highest Calories

4. Know the Calories of the Popular Sushi

5. Just Enjoy Eating Sushi, Don’t Worry Too Much

1. People Eat an Average of 9.3 Sushi Plates

Sushi Harumi | Pocket Concierge

The average amount people eat at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant is 9.3 plates.
For women, it‘s 7.8 plates, which means there’s a difference of three plates.

For your information, if you order an “omakase” (leave it to the sushi chef) at a
more expensive sushi restraint where you will sit on a counter, there will be an
appetizer called otooshi, drink, and 15 – 20 sushi. Although the number of sushi is about the same as the time you will eat at a conveyer belt sushi store, the total
calories might be higher, since the calories for a drink and the otooshi will also be
Now let‘s look at the specific calories of sushi.

2. Eat Crab, Shrimp, Squid, Octopus, or Shellfish If You Want a Low-Calorie Diet

I sum up the data from for stores that lists the calories of the sushi they serve on
their website as a way to calculate the average calories of a certain sushi, and
calculated the mean value.

The following 20 sushi were included in the calculation I did.
Tuna (red meat), salmon, flounder fin, squid, boiled shrimp, sweet shrimp, octopus,
whelk, scallop, horse mackerel, pickled mackerel, conger eel, egg, inari sushi (sushi
wrapped in tofu skin), kappa roll (cucumber roll), tekka roll (tuna roll), natto roll,
sea urchin ship roll, salmon roe ship roll, salad ship roll

The sushi with the highest calorie was:
No. 1: Approx. 72kcal Octopus
No.2 Approx. 73kcal Sweet shrimp
No.2 Approx. 73kcal Squid
No.4 Approx. 74kcal whelk
No.4 Approx. Scallop

If you order “boiled shrimp” compared to the raw option, it‘s just slightly higher, about 75kcal.
If you‘re on a diet, choose shellfish or crab, shrimp, squid, octopus.

3. Inari Sushi Has the Highest Calories

Nishi Azabu Sushi Ichi | Pocket Concierge

“Inari sushi” (sushi wrapped in tofu skin) had the highest calories among the 20
sushi with approx. 157kcal. Inari sushi is made by wrappinng sushi rice in tofu skin that has been simmered to have a sweet flavor. The carbohydrate amount is high
other than the calories, so it might not be a wise choice to eat too much. There‘s a
popular belief that expensive sushi restaraunts don‘t serve Inari sushi. That’s
because the sushi chefs try to prevent the oil or the flavor of the sauce of the tofu
skin touch their hands.

For your information, the following is the high-calorie sushi ranking. (For 2 pieces
of sushi)
No.1 Approx. 157kcal Inari sushi
No.2 Approx. 154kcal Salad ship roll
No.3 Approx. 138kcal Tekka roll (tuna roll)
No.4 Approx. 136kcal Natto roll
No.5 Approx. 134kcal Pickled mackerel

I had thought that pickled mackerel would have a lower calorie content since it uses vinegar, but I guess the fish itself contains lots of fat. The salad ship roll might sound healthy, but it uses lots of mayonnaise. Rolls tend to use more rice so it tends to have a higher calorie.

4. Know the Calories of the Popular Sushi

Here’s a list of some of your favorite sushi.

Salmon Approx. 102kcal
Tuna (lean) Approx. 86kcal
Sea urchin ship roll Approx. 90kcal
Salmon ship roll Approx. 97kcal
Conger eel Approx. 109kcal
Egg Approx. 123kcal

5. Just Enjoy Eating Sushi, Don’t Worry Too Much

Although I’ve used this entire article to show the calories of different sushi, I’m sure none of you actually eat sushi thinking about the specific calories.
That’s because if we’re eating something delicious, you just want to enjoy the amazing taste.
Taking care of our health is really important so you can keep eating delicious food.
Try to enjoy a healthy, well-balanced meal, so you can heave a healthy body that can enjoy sushi.

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