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This is the editorial department of Pocket Concierge.

The editorial department of Pocket Concierge is captivated by the world-class restaurant Noma because of its unique taste and unforgettable dining experience. In this special report, we will give you firsthand insight on our experience at Noma. We want you to have the same dining experience we were fortunate to have.

Why is Noma so fascinating?

noma_entrancenoma|Pocket Concierge

Noma, a Michelin two stars restaurant, was ranked #1 in “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” four times. In 2015, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo invited Noma to set up a limited-time Noma Japan and created a documentary film.

noma_buildingnoma|Pocket Concierge

The Nordic restaurant Noma is located in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, about 8,700 km away from Japan, in a beautiful city surrounded by canals. The name of Noma is the combination of the Danish words “nordisk” (Nordic) and “mad” (food, cuisine).

noma|Pocket Concierge

This is the entrance of Noma. What kind of world is behind these doors that is able to fascinate people continuously from all over the world?

noma_privateroomnoma|Pocket Concierge

The dining room is an inviting space with simply coordinated Nordic furniture. It’s beauty of simplicity is presented by keeping everything minimal and prune away all the unnecessary things. The photo shows a private room on the second floor where with a reservation of nine or more, guests can reserve and enjoy a whole room of whole room of private space.

noma_shotnoma|Pocket Concierge

As the guests step in Noma, all the staff will put aside their works and welcome the guests at the entrance with big smiles. Makes guests feel like a rose in full bloom.

1_rhuborb-and-seaweednoma|Pocket Concierge

[Rhubarb and seaweed]
The first dish is the rose in full bloom which is served as a welcoming flower to the guest. The bright rose floats on water like a water lily. Each petal is individually handmade by the chefs, creating a unique beautiful flower for each individual guest.

Exquisite dishes that will win your heart

Dishes at Noma are made from ingredients from the natures of Scandinavia. Noma creates innovative labour intensive dishes through free conception and ideas. Chefs source the freshest seasonal ingredients, even the wine and juices are all organic. Guests are offered top-quality natural fine dining experience.

11_charred-greens-and-scallop-pastenoma|Pocket Concierge

[Charred greens and scallop paste]
This dish is made from greens picked in the mountains and barbecued over charcoal, spread with scallop sauce. At first, it is looks simple and original, but the flavor is an extraordinary and surprising gem. Each leaf of the small plants has strong flavor and individuality, so that you can savor the deep natural taste directly. The fragrant sauce from the sea is added to the concentrated components from the mountains to gradually build up a memorable dish.

12_turbot-grilled-on-the-bone-with-sweet-shrimpnoma|Pocket Concierge

[Turbot grilled on the bone with sweet shrimp]
The delicate and sentimental dishes at Noma are created by Danish head chef René Redzepi and 45 other chefs from various countries, including Germany, England, France, and Japan.

3_radish-pienoma|Pocket Concierge

[Radish pie with seaweed crust]
This tart is covered with radishes presented carefully by the chefs. The crispiness and sourness from the radish matches with the pastry crumble and the taste of the seaweed. This is an entirely new combination even for the Japanese.

noma_-koknoma|Pocket Concierge

In Noma, chefs would deliver your dishes to your table. “How is it? Were you surprised?” “I made this taste delicious! Here, try it!” Chefs passionately explain their dishes with smiles.

2_vegetable-platternoma|Pocket Concierge

[Vegetable platter]
Noma’s vegetable platter features pickled quail egg, black currant berry and flatbread with ant paste. The pickled quail egg and black currant berry are cut open to let the sauce flow within, stimulating ones sense of touch. It brings back childhood memories of picking a berry in the forest and taking a bite into it, that immediate burst of flavor brings back pleasant memories.

7_pumpkin-rose-and-caviarnoma|Pocket Concierge

[Pumpkin rose and caviar]
Dishes in Norma represent a kind of art that didn’t not exist before. This food art happened unintentionally while the chefs were preparing the ingredients and presenting the dishes.

15_moss-cooked-in-chocolate-and-cep-mushroomnoma|Pocket Concierge

[Moss cooked in chocolate and cep mushroom]
The moss is edible. This dish is not only a work of art, it is also delicious and brings happiness. Guests can enjoy the flavor of the food because the chefs don’t cook with stress.

Teamwork is Noma’s greatest strength

Noma’s greatest strength is the resourcefulness of head chef René Redzepi and his staffs who were attracted by his humanity and living style and humanity, In this leading restaurant, cutting-edge cooking is necessary, of course, but unity in the restaurant is indispensable.

noma_staffnoma|Pocket Concierge

The working kitchen in most restaurants, a bloodthirsty battleground filled with angry shouts, is not found here at Noma. Every staff at Noma enjoy their work. Everyone is working toward the same goal, which is to make the guests happy; from this shared thought, even with differing nationalities, ages, and abilities, they cooperate and encourage each other, creating an environment where they can totally engrossed in devoting themselves to cooking.

noma_playroomnoma|Pocket Concierge

This is the staffroom. During preparation and break time, people listen to cheerful music and occasionally they would joke and play around, and then they will continue cooking hard.

9_crisp-of-wild-roses-and-danish-peasnoma|Pocket Concierge

[Crisp of wild roses and Danish peas]
When the dish is prepared by people with passion, the feeling is transfer into each individual ingredient. Even each of the small peas contain the thoughts of 45 chefs and 70 people including all staff which can me sensed by the guest. Chef with passion makes dishes with vitality.

noma_chef_mr-takahashinoma|Pocket Concierge

Sous chef Junichi Takahashi, from Japan, is responsible for developing dishes at Noma. In the beginning, he was one of the trainees in Noma without salaries. He was fascinated by the resourcefulness that flowed from head chef René Redzepi.

noma|Pocket Concierge

René possesses a wonderful sensitivity for creating dishes that appeal to people’s hearts, but taking those images he wants to present and embodying them as dishes is the role of Chef Takahashi. In the research kitchen located at the back of the regular kitchen, through repeated, daily trial and error, they create four or five new dishes per month.

The impact of Noma for you, too

We would love to have everyone visit Noma, a wonderful restaurant where you will be impressed in so many ways. The food here will remind you of the essence of what food means to people, and give you a sense of deliciousness, not through theory but through heart.

8_lobster-lavender-and-rose-oilnoma|Pocket Concierge

[Lobster, lavender and rose oil]
Even though Denmark does not have many traditional food culture, Noma uses ingredients from the cold region of Scandinavia and managed to stay as the best restaurants in the world where they uphold their conviction under disadvantageous conditions. The achievement of Noma, making use of the expressiveness and naturalness rooted in the Danish people, and brought about by a team working as one.

13_a-dessert-of-sheeps-milk-and-ant-pastenoma|Pocket Concierge

[A dessert of sheep’s milk and ant paste]
This light dish satisfied natural principle of humans needs to eat. The dishes at Noma bring happiness and a smiling face to everyone who visits.

noma_smilenoma|Pocket Concierge

The August sky finally turns dark after 10 p.m. in Copenhagen. You can see the night view of Copenhagen streets from the windows in the private room on the second floor. We highly recommend you to have the awesome experience at Noma and look at the view while pondering the meaning of food.

noma_viewnoma|Pocket Concierge

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