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Best restaurants (Michelin, Japanese, Sushi, Yakiniku, Teppanyaki, etc.) in Japan. For your real Japanese culinary experience.


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Arakicho, Culture, Sushi, tokyo, Yotsuya

Secret Sushi Hot-Spots the Locals Won’t Tell You ~Ginza? Tsukiji? Forget the Tourist Magnets!~


Culture, ginza, Sushi, tokyo

The Sushi-Soy Sauce Partnership; The Different Varieties of Soy Sauce, and Why We Use Them


Culture, French, Special

All About Wine; Origins and Characteristics ~France, Italy, Spain, and more~


Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants, Culture, French, ginza, Japanese Cuisine, Kyoto & Osaka, Michelin, Omotenashi, Osaka, ranking, roppongi, Special, Sushi, tokyo

Proud to Present; Japan’s World-Famous Restaurants ~From Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017~


French, Michelin, tokyo

The ‘Un-Bookable’ 3; a Gourmet Magazine Editor’s Picks


Culture, Japanese Cuisine

What Makes Japanese Cuisine a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage? ~The Four Pillars of ‘Wa-Shoku’~

料亭 きよし_料理

Japanese Cuisine, tokyo

The Mystery of the Double Notation of ‘Kaiseki’ Haute Cuisine; “Kaiseki懐石” vs. “Kaiseki会席” in a Cultural-Historical Context!

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Top chef interviews

【été】From the “Legendary Cake” to “one group per day” restaurant that attracts attention both in Japan and overseas, a young and promising female chef will lead the next generation


tokyo, Top chef interviews, Yakitori

【Torishiki】 The Restaurant That Lets Your Five Senses Indulge – Yakitori Maestro Passes Down the Art to the Next Generation


French, tokyo, Top chef interviews

【Sincére】 Enjoy the Seasonal, Story-Like Menu With Classical But Playful Dishes

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