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Sushi is one of the Japanese cuisine that is most loved by everyone regardless of nationality. It is also one of the thing people relate immediately when they think of Japan.

Today, we Pocket Concierge and Mr. Kamikura will demonstrate the proper way to enjoy sushi all the way from before you enter the restaurant to before you leave the restaurant.

Sushi KamikuraNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

Kamikura is a hidden gem in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. Takashi Kamikura, the owner of the sushi restaurant, is a genuine craftsman with great skill at making sushi. If you are looking for a friendly sushi restaurant with extraordinary sushi in Tokyo, please visit Kamikura in Nishiazabu.

Pick up topics
1. Enter the restaurant
2. Before the course
3. Begin the course
4. After the course

Enter the restaurant

KamikuraentranceNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

After you open the door and before you enter the restaurant, it is polite to say GOMENKUDASAI. But after you enter the restaurant, please say SHITSUREISHIMASU.

Before the course

Kamikura_counterNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

1. Most of the top-notched sushi restaurants don’t have menus, they are by OMAKASE (chef’s choice).
2. Please inform the chef in advanced of any allergies or dislikes.
3. The staff will give you OSHIBORI (hand towel) after you are seated to wipe your hands before eating.

Begin the course

Sushi Umi Sushi Umi | Pocket Concierge

1. Usually the course will start with SAKIZUKE (appetizer) and then SASHIMI (raw fish without rice).
2. Please enjoy the sakizuke and sashimi with chopsticks.
3. The staff will give you soy sauce and wasabi for the sashimi. Some sashimi dips in salt, please follow the chef’s instruction.
4. Please enjoy the GARI (picked ginger) with chopsticks to refresh your palate.
5. The dishes will be served in order. The staff will bring you a new oshibori to clean your fingers before the first sushi, please use it each time before you take the next sushi.

sushi kamikura oshibori
6. When serving the sushi, wasabi is already put on the SHARI (rice block) and the fish is already seasoned.

sushi kamikura maguroNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

7. When you are eating the sushi, please enjoy it with your hands.

how to eat sushiNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

8. The course usually ends with a soup. Please place your four fingers at the base of the bowl and your thumb on the side, enjoy the soup as if you are drinking from a cup. When you are eating the ingredients in the bowl, place the bowl close to your mouth and eat it with the chopsticks.

kamikura soupNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

After the course

1. The staff will serve you AGARI (hot tea). The way to drink tea is the same as the way to enjoy soup. Please place your four fingers at the base of the bowl and your thumb on the side.

kamikura teaNishi-azabu Kamikura | Pocket Concierge

2. To ask for check, please say OKAIKEI WO ONEGAISHIMASU.
3. Before you leave the restaurant, please say GOCHISOSAMADESHITA or ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA to the chef.

Nishi-azabu Kamikura (西麻布 かみくら)

sushi kamikura chefKamikura|Pocket Concierge

Mr. Kamikura’s brightness has been affixed to the atmosphere around the counter seats. Using ingredients stocked at Tsukiji Market, serving only the alternative style of chef’s selected course, that nigiri sushi are served along with alternately. The rice is prepared by red vinegar, among those representative Edo-mae ingredients like tuna, kohada, urchin, chef especially focuses on the tuna, not only the lean parts, medium fatty tuna and pink fatty tuna” but a lot more rare cuts can be enjoyable. Pairing alcohol are also eye-catching, a variety of wine and red wine are attractive to customers.

Both domestic and international guests can enjoy top class sushi in a carefree environment. Let’s enjoy sushi with chic of Edo-mae sushi and elegance of Japanese culture.

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