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The cherry trees in Tokyo will be in full bloom soon. There are many sights of Sakura(cherry blossoms) in Tokyo. How about a meal in a restaurant where Sakura can be seen in this limited season? It will be a valuable experience unique to Japan.

Genyadana Hamadaya (玄冶店 濱田家)

GenyadanaHamadayaGenyadana Hamadaya|Pocket Concierge

“Restaurant inheriting traditional heritage since 1912”

This long-standing restaurant that was founded in 1912 on the site of a famous kabuki theater, Genyadana. Genyadana Hamadaya allows guests to get a taste of the changing seasons, with the strictly selected seasonal Japanese ingredients that arrive every morning. In private rooms, guests can look out on a beautiful garden which color of trees and flowers change throughout the year. When you arrive this restaurant, you can find the Sakura(cherry blossomes) of the entrance at first (until around the middle of April).

Genyadana Hamadaya_entranceGenyadana Hamadaya|Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Genyadana Hamadaya (玄冶店 濱田家)
Cuisine: Kaiseki cuisine
Address: 3-13-5 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
MICHELIN GUIDE Tokyo 2017:Two stars★★

Iwakamutsukari (イワカムツカリ)

Iwakamutsukari_shabushabuIwakamutsukari |Pocket Concierge

“At the Kominka (the old house), how about shabu shabu made from organical meats and safe ingredients”

Enjoy Japan’s top class dishes which are using safe and high quality ingredients: organic, low in chemical, specially cultivated vegetables and organic meats cooked by additive-free seasonings. Also enjoy variety of selection of drinks muching with food. There are a lot of beverages which are carefully selected domestically produced wine, rice shochu and many other rare drinks.

The meat are organically raised animals (with no antibiotics or growth hormones admininstered) such as the rare premium wagyu beef. The recommended dish is “Hagoromo Shabu Shabu”. Wrapped Iwakamutsukari‘s organic wagyu beef in colorful fresh vegetables taste so great, with homemade plum sauce which has been passed down from the Edo period. Enjoy specially dishes overlooking Sakura(cherry blossoms) of Meiji street from the window.

※Please register for the waiting list through the button “Waiting” to make a reservation.

Iwakamutsukari_sakuraIwakamutsukari |Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Iwakamutsukari (イワカムツカリ)
Cuisine: Shabu shabu(a Japanese hotpot of pieces of thinly sliced beef or pork cooked quickly with vegetables in boiling water)
Address: 1-4-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Restaurant Crescent (レストラン クレッセント)

Restaurant CrescentRestaurant Crescent|Pocket Concierge

“Finest traditional French cuisine in Japan”

In 1947, “CRESCENT HOUSE” was born as an antique shop in Shiba,Tokyo. It was renovated to “RESTAURANT CRESCENT” in 1957. On July 25th in 1968, a British style building which has 5 stories above ground and 2 below was constructed. With Late Victoria era-style high-grade architectural, “Restaurant Crescent” is exactly the Grandmaison that shapes the history of French restaurants in Japan.

Chef Mr. Isogai creates traditional French cuisine with extensive selection of seasonal ingredients all over Japan. “We are devoting ourselves to perform to our customers on a daily basis and let every guest to enjoy the highest luxury with a heartfelt hospitality”, the chef says. The specialties are “Compression of tomatoes (Mousse and jelly of tomato with plum oil sauce)” and “Rossini Crescent style of black beef fillets (Charcoal grilled fillet of beef with seasonal vegetables)”, with a straightly simple taste.

The English-style dining room on the 2nd floor is an elegant space where guests can overlook Shiba Park from all the tables. One private room with a view of Tokyo Tower is also available. You can find Sakura trees(cherry blossomes) of the entrance (until the end of April).

Restaurant CrescentRestaurant Crescent|Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Restaurant Crescent (レストラン クレッセント)
Cuisine: French
Address: CRESCENT HOUSE, 1-8-20 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
MICHELIN GUIDE Tokyo 2017:Two stars★★

Kogetsu (中国料理 古月 新宿)

Kogetsu_meatKogetsu|Pocket Concierge

“The gentle flavors of highly nutritious Chinese medicinal cuisine”

A Chinese cuisine restaurant which is located across from Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden where is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo. From the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station, it is about a 12-13 minute walk.

Kogetsu‘s healthy food prepares carefully by the owner-chef Mr. Katsunori Maeda, who has a lisence in “senior nutritious medicinal cuisine”. The gentle flavors gradually seep into every fiber of guest’s body, inspire with the concept of “delicious food that brings vigor physically and mentally”.

The must-eat specialty is “Seasonal Recovery Soup.” Based on the ideas of Chinese medicine, this soup is made with the freshest ingredients in each season. The Mabo dofu (spicy tofu and minced meat dish with Sichuan style) served in an earthenware pot is also popular. And also, the drink after the meal are preparing a lot of beverage such as tea, homemade Chinese healthy wine, or shaoxing rice wine. Kogetsu hope that guests will come and spend a relaxing time with a view of beautiful Sakura of Shinjuku Gyoen.

KogetsuKogetsu|Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Kogetsu (中国料理 古月 新宿)
Cuisine: Chinese cuisine
Address: 2F, 1-5-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Museum 1999 L’eau a la bouche (ロアラブッシュ)

L'eau a la bouche_dishMuseum 1999 L’eau a la bouche|Pocket Concierge

“Enjoy artistic French cuisine in a historical western-style building”

Situated in Shjibuya and Aoyama area, this classical, western-style stone building has been around since the 1920s. Inside, you will find a space that expands out with a museum-like elegance interweaving Art Deco and Erte art and gives you an up-close experience with history and tradition. In this season of Sakura, cherry blossoms are decorated on the terrace, so that guests can watch the beauty at table.

The French cuisine of Chef Mr.Nakajima is exactly “art of food”. Guests can heartily savor French cuisine overflowing with originality. Furthermore, L’eau a la bouche has a collection of 450 kinds of special wines which are collected by the sommelier from around the world, because of this, the wine collection will never disappoint guests.

L'eau a la boucheMuseum 1999 L’eau a la bouche|Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Museum 1999 L’eau a la bouche (ロアラブッシュ)
Cuisine: French
Address: 4-2-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Ristorante Osawa (リストランテ大澤)

Ristorante Osawa_AppetizerRistorante Osawa|Pocket Concierge

“Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in a traditional Japanese building with views of a beautiful Japanese garden”

An Italian restaurant located in Koganei, featuring a beautiful Japanese building and garden. “Ristorante Osawa” was born when the refurbishment of a private residence located on a vast site of approximately 1,000 square meters. The exterior of this restaurant features a traditional Japanese design. Once taking a step inside, guests will find the beautiful interior which blends Japanese and western styles with antique furniture. Furthermore, from the main dining, they can look across a carefully maintained Japanese garden. The garden has been landscaped to resemble the Tenryuji temple in Kyoto, featuring beautiful Sakura for a 300-year-old cherry tree in the spring.

The food is prepared by the Chef Mr. Yukio Sato, who has trained at renowned restaurants such as Michelin 2-star Italian restaurant. His mission is to offer guests highly original dishes based on his much-loved Italian tradition and culture, augmented with a touch of Japanese essence.

Ristorante Osawa|Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Ristorante Osawa (リストランテ大澤)
Cuisine: Italian
Address: 1-25-4 Nukuiminamicho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo

Vegetarian meal DAIGO (精進料理 醍醐)

DAIGO_plateVegetarian meal DAIGO|Pocket Concierge

“The ultimate healing experience with the seasonal gardens and Michelin 2-star specialty dishes”

Founded in 1950, DAIGO which is a famous Vegetarian restaurant specializes in vegetables and tofu dishes and provides Shojin cuisine(Japanese style Vegetarian food). During the season of Sakura, You can see a lot of fully bloomed cherry blossoms of Atago Jinja Shrine where is near here.

DAIGO makes guests feel the real beauty of the season in the natural space with garden. Thanks to that, they are able to put all the hustle and bustle of a city behind and enjoy the meal comfortably, even in the city center of Tokyo. The cuisine provides by the chef Mr.Nomura, who understands the ingredients deeply, and makes maximum use of the gifts from the land of Japan. In a rapidly changing society, the chef would like to make every guest could feel the enjoyment and importance of Japanese cuisine throughout Vegetarian cuisine. The menu change every 3 weeks, guests could taste the history of Japanese vegetarian cuisine and enjoy the difference of each season.

DAIGO could provide the food without any animal products if booked in advance. Even foreign celebrity visits here for being vegan diet. Furthermore, the rooms of DAIGO are all private rooms. Delights you with the changing of seasons from tatami room and the food provided with sincerely hospitality.

※Please register for the waiting list through the button “Waiting” to make a reservation.

DAIGO_privateroomVegetarian meal DAIGO|Pocket Concierge

~Restaurant information~
Name: Vegetarian meal DAIGO (精進料理 醍醐)
Cuisine: Vegetarian food
Address: 5-50-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
MICHELIN GUIDE Tokyo 2017:Two stars★★

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