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It is our pleasure to introduce the 10 Best remarkable Tokyo restaurants. The chefs of these restaurants have experiences in Michelin-star or famous restaurants. They use fresh Japan ingredients, cook wonderful dishes and make all guests happy with thier great presentation in restaurants. Please check the list and make reservations of restaurants when you come to Japan. We Pocket Concierge will hope you have a delightful time in Japan.

Pick Up Cuisine
1. Japanese Cuisine
2. Yakitori and Steak
3. Creative Western cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

“Kaiseki” cuisine restaurants serve traditional Japanese Omakase courses. They made of seasonal vegetables and seafood from Japan.

Wamon Okuyama

wamon okuyamaWamon Okuyama | Pocket Concierge

“Hope our seasonal excellent courses could bring you happiness”

Wamon Okuyama, is the restaurant that almost gourmand in Tokyo knows. This restaurant name is from the proverb “Happiness is coming to the gate with laughing”, meaning that Wamon Okuyama wish the guests feel the happiness by enjoy the course, and get energetic along with smiles.

Wamon Okuyama only using daily carefully selected ingredients, adjusts with the environment and season for best taste. With our fully experienced chef, the artistic dishes can bring you the scenes of different four seasons, presenting in front of you. Able to enjoy with not only with tasting and sensing but all five senses.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Wamon Okuyama (和門 おく山)
Cuisine: Kaiseki
Address: Fortuna 2F, 7-12-23, Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo

Ginza Sugimoto

ginza sugimotoGinza Sugimoto | Pocket Concierge

“Service available in English! A unique Japanese restaurant for lovers of drink makes its new debut in Ginza”

Ginza Sugimoto is a Japanese restaurant with 10 years of history in Azabudai moved and reopened in Ginza. Guests can enjoy chef’s Omakase course made with carefully-selected ingredients and paired with spirits at a venue offering the sophisticated level of service visitors to Ginza have come to expect.

The owner-chef Mr. Sugimoto, trained at restaurants such as Tempura and the Hotel New Otani’s Japanese cuisine and also served as head chef at venues including Akasaka’s Japanese restaurant and at the Yokohama Hotel. Carrying on the tradition of Japanese cuisine with ingredients such as the highest-grade Wagyu(Sendai Beef) and seasonal vegetables, he also charm connoisseurs with unique and creative dishes. How about Pocket Concierge only course, “Hamo (Conger eel) Shabu Shabu”.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Ginza Sugimoto (銀座杉もと)
Cuisine: Kaiseki
Address: 5/F, MIKUNI Ginza Building, 6-7-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Japan

Yakitori and Steak

“Yakitori” is a Japanese traditional cuisine, skewered chicken. Skewering and grilling are the most important skills for the chef.

Yakitori Omino

yakitori ominoYakitori Omino | Pocket Concierge

“Independent from famous Michelin 1-star “Torishiki ”, Showing you the traditional Yakitori skill under the Sky Tree”

Near the Tokyo Sky Tree, there is a famous Yakitori(Grill Chicken) restaurant. Chef Masayoshi Komino opened “Yakitori Omino” in March 2017 after 6 years training in Michelin 1-star Yakitori restaurant “Torishiki” lead by Mr. Ikekawa, the master of Japanese traditional Yakitori.

The selected chicken “DATE Chicken” used are from contracted ordered farm. Since chicken is wholly provided, rare parts like Achilles tendon, meat flesh, and liver are also available here. The rare parts are limited and would be finished early, but you can ask to keep them when you decided the reservation. The chef’s Omakase course is mainly the Grills cooked by Charcoal, combining with small dishes.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Yakitori Omino (焼鳥 おみ乃)
Cuisine: Yakitori
Address: Seiryu Building 1F, 1-40-4 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


yakitori sumimasaSumimasa | Pocket Concierge

“Enjoy the special Yakitori with various Wine ”

In the corner of Roppongi, Tokyo, “Sumimasa” is a Yakitori restaurant using best ingredients to cook chicken combining with high level wine. Special Chicken Course’s materials are freshest Oyama chicken from Tottori prefecture, collect in the morning of providing. The main course Grilled chicken, require special producing area for different part using to cook. “Foie gras Daifuku”, the you-cannot-miss dessert here, are with various kinds to choose. To company the vary grilled chicken, various kinds of wine are here available. Taste over 80 kinds of wine, which are delivered from different areas, and some original ones are also available.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Sumimasa (すみまさ)
Cuisine: Yakitori
Address: Shigami Building 1F, 3-8-7, Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo



“Modern Steak house in Ginza, combined with classical Italian cuisine”

BISTECCHERIA INTORNO opened in Ginza, 2016. Bisteccheria means ‘Steak’ in Italian, a restaurant specializing in ‘Bistecca (a local dish from Firenze)’. Here at BISTECCHERIA INTORNO, serves traditional Italian cuisine with modern essence of New York. You could experience stylish and authentic Italian here. The specialty ‘Bistecca’ is juicy T-bone steak from prime-grade Black Angus beef. Not only steak, INTORNO represents a new generation of Italian cuisine.

~Restaurant information~
Name: BISTECCHERIA INTORNO (ビステッケリア イントルノ)
Cuisine: Steak
Address: 2F, 4-1-2 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Creative Western cuisine

Creative Western cuisine restaurants include french, nordic and inovative style, where you should visit and eat when you come to Japan.


aegaeg | Pocket Concierge

“Fusing of Nordic and Japanese nature style, a creation of new Worldview”

Along the Platinum Street in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, there is a hideaway restaurant managed by a woman chef. It’s “aeg” produced by the owner of  OREXIS, opened in 2016. The genre of restaurant is “Nordic-Japanese cuisine”, which is a new genre that fusing Nordic with Japanese style. In Danish the name “aeg” means “Æg (eggs)”, containing the chef’s aspiration to create various kinds of dishes. She had an experience working at “Geranium”, the first restaurant awarded Michelin 3-star in Denmark. By arranging carefully selected ingredients of Japan to Nordic cuisine, and giving Nordic traditional cuisines a Japanese taste, she created the free style cooking form provided at ”aeg”.

~Restaurant information~
Name: aeg (エッグ)
Cuisine: Nordic-Japanese cuisine
Address: Gentile Shirokanedai B1F, 5-3-2, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Si tokyoSi | Pocket Concierge

“Concept of “Pure” and “Harmony”, showing you a new world that you never know”

In Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, there is a private restaurant “Si” that only having 8 seats. The Concept of Si is “Pure” and “Harmony”. Mr. Shimon Watanabe, an Architect insist in “Pure Material” and “Nature Material”, opened this restaurant to present in a form of dishes in Summer 2016. This is a real new general restaurant with high spirits. This restaurant only serving one Course – the Chef’s Omakase Course with Pair Drinks. To appear the original taste of the ingredients, avoiding strong spices using in this restaurant, even dessert is without any sugar. The sweet tastes are from sweet sake or fruits.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Si(シィ)
Cuisine: Creative cuisine
Address: Honma Building 4F, 7-14-6 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo


TakumiTakumi | Pocket Concierge

“Bring Tokyo a New Breeze, the Original Sensitive Approch”

The Owner-Chef Otsuki Takuji, worked in France opened this French restaurant “Takumi”. He had experiences in Michelin 3-star restaurant “Le Petit Nice”, and in 5 restaurants. He barely have any experience in Japan restaurants. He barely have any experience in Japan restaurants. During his stay, he tasted over 100 Europe restaurants. His sensitivity learned in France, and the approach of activity of cooking, is the most precious part in “Takumi”.

The Chef believes that the “correct understand creatively coordination makes a joyful restaurant”. Guests always remember “that’s the dish in Takumi style”. “Delicious is without boarder” is what the chef saying. By deeply understand the guests, he serving each dish with introduction cards explaining its idea and ingredients, and example of materials in little bottle, present you not only tasting but also great vision and smelling experience.

~Restaurant information~
Name: Takumi
Cuisine: French
Address: Bil Masa 1st Floor, 1-11-10 Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo


plenitudeplénitude | Pocket Concierge

“Combination of Okayama-ken ingredient and classical France style, Health Organic French Course”

In the corner of Tokyo, Shintomi-cho, there is a different style decorated nice restaurant in the street. This is the “plénitude” opened in 2016. Beyond the herringbone decorated hidden door, the satisfying gourmet world is inviting you. The owner-chef Mr. Kazuyuki Imada, obtained his experiences by 7 years training in famous Michelin-star restaurant in Kagurazaka. Ingredients of “plénitude” are all additive free, Organic-only, directly from the home village Okayama prefecture producer. The selected wine are mainly nature styles France wine. Only Chef’s Omakase course served, Okayama prefecture ingredient and classical France style is combined for you to enjoy.

~Restaurant information~
Name: plénitude(プレニチュード)
Cuisine: French
Address: Royal Plaza Shinrito 1st Floor, 1-6-11 Shinfuku Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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