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8 Restaurant Recommendations in Tokyo
by Pocket Concierge Users

Pocket Concierge always strive to provide the best service to our users, as a result, we have been providing user feedback questionnaire since day 1. Today, we will introduce selected restaurants with the best feedbacks!
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A Japanese cuisine restaurant that values the four colorful seasons

Kifuu is a hideaway-like Michelin-starred Japanese cuisine restaurant in Ebisu. The clean scent of wood faintly permeates the restaurant’s interior. The L-shaped counter and the two semi-private rooms make up the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.

Age: 40's Date of visit: 10/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: Date

it was delicious. Very memorable - a small restaurant serving a handful of people at the counter, with a couple side rooms for groups. Very cozy and unique, fresh, seasonal ingredients. The chef was chill and kind and made us feel welcome. Great fit if you like a fish and vegetable-forward diet. Note that there is no sign in English on the door so I recommend having a picture of the door on hand since that is distinctive.


Exquisite sushi in Shibuya, a perfect place for sushi dates and private dinners

In February 2015, a new sushi restaurant opened in Shibuya, an area with only a few sushi restaurants, creating a perfect place to many sushi lovers.

Age: 30's Date of visit: 4/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: Other

Given that this is a 10-seat restaurant, glad that I was able to reserve a seat through pocket concierge in a short notice. The atmosphere was cozy and the chef was super friendly and welcoming even I was the only English speaking customer. Despite all the dishes and sushi presented beautifully, the sushi with different parts of tuna (otoro, chutoro and akami) and the fugu shirako totally blew my mind. Highly recommended and definitely love to visit again soon!!


Sushi Tou
People are connected here, a private salon alike Edo-mae Sushi restaurant

An Edo-mae Sushi restaurant, opened in July 2017, near the Tokyo and Nishi-Azabu intersection . The name "Sushi Tou" has the idea of becoming a private salon for customers, as "a place where people and people interact" and "a place where people and people connect".

Age: 60's Date of visit: 1/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: Other

We had a hard time finding this place as it wasn't listed on some of the digital maps as Sushi Tou opened in July 2017. It was worth the hunt as this was one of the best sushi omakase experience we've had. We have had sushi from Michelin rated places in many countries and this place deserves a place on this list. Right now the cost is very reasonable for the omakase, with a large selection of sashimi and sushi.


Modern Kaiseki Cuisine Terra
A chef who has experience abroad, offers Japanese cuisine from a new perspective.

Terra is a Japanese restaurant which opened in September 2017 in the heart of Roppongi. It was opened by Tatsuya Teramoto, who worked as the head chef for a Japanese restaurant in Sydney and was the first Asian to receive the title of "Sydney’s Best Young Chef". He opened the restaurant in order to offer customers a modern take on Japanese cuisine.

Age: 40's Date of visit: 5/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: Date/span>

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Terra and having Chef Teramoto serve and cook for us. Each dish was beautifully presented and tasted as good as it looked. Wine pairing was also excellent. We look forward to visiting again.


Kuroge Wagyu Restaurant HACHI
Enjoy Kuroge Wagyu beef yukke (tartare) and other top quality Kuroge Wagyu dishes at this sophisticated meat bar

“Kuroge Wagyu Restaurant HACHI” is located at the end of a small quiet road, just off Omotesando’s Kotto-dori Street. This is the sister restaurant of “Yakiniku Hachiyama”, managed by a Korean owner, and opened in order for guests to enjoy top quality Kuroge Wagyu in a carefree environment.

Age: 40's Date of visit: 1/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: With family

Completely changed my opinion of wagyu steaks. I used to think that it's too oily to present well as a steak, but this combination of crust and tenderness brings out the best in the beef. Bravo!


Sushi Shinsuke
Delicious, delightful Edo-sushi brought to you by an owner with honed language and customer service skills.

Located just a 2-minute walk from Azabu-Juban Station, another restaurant headed by a young sushi chef full of passion was born in December 2017. Shinsuke Mizutani, who became independent at age 34, opened Sushi Shinsuke.

Age: 20's Date of visit: 5/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: Date

Beautiful meal, could not imagine it being better. It was a quiet night and we were able to spend a lot of time chatting with the chef as well. It was a perfect way to end our trip to Japan and we will certainly be back on the next trip. Thank you!


Michelin 3-star skills make rich and wholesome Japanese cuisine simplicity

Opened for business in 2018 in the first floor of a corner building is "Kutan," a Michelin 1-star Japanese restaurant with earthy brown walls made of stones from Kanazawa that give the place a refined, sophisticated atmosphere.

Age: 30's Date of visit: 1/2019 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: Other

Fantastic dinner, great technique and inventive dishes. Drink paring recommendations were very enjoyable as well. I'm looking forward to returning.


Steak Dining Vitis
Located in Nakameguro, this kiln-grilled Wagyu steak house uses white charcoal from Kishu.

Nakameguro, next to Shibuya, is not only a residential area but also a popular gourment spot."SteakDiningVitis" guarantees that customers will have a quality time enjoying the Japanese black beef steak grilled by Kishu white charcoal.

Age: 40's Date of visit: 4/2018 Number of visits: 1 Purpose: With family

Absolutely amazing dining experience ! I think this is the best Wagyu Steak Restaurant in Tokyo ! So yummy, still thinking about the delicious Wagyu Beef Tongue I had today , cooked perfectly !!!



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