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A Collaboration between a Foodie Mastered in Gastronomy and Pocket Concierge:
“Outstanding Restaurants” Only Disclosed Here

  • Admires the Depth of Sushi: @gyogyogyo09’s Top 10 Sushi Recommendations

    Happy to discover restaurants that have not became popular yet: a collaboration between @gyogyogyo09 and Pocket Concierge.
  • Eats Out About 400 Times a Year: @pateknautilus40’s Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    Completed visiting all 30 Gold Winning Restaurants in Japan: a collaboration between @pateknautilus40 and Pocket Concierge.
  • Passionate about Discovering Restaurants: @tokyohalfie's Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    A foodie sharing information in both Japanese and English: a collaboration between @tokyohalfie and Pocket Concierge.
  • In Search of Restaurants he would Continually go: Takashi Tomiya's 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    A foodie searching for restaurants he would keep going back to: a collaboration between Takashi Tomiya and Pocket Concierge.
  • Eaten at Every 3-Star Restaurant in the World: Andy Hayler's Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    A global food reviewers since 1994, the collaboration between Andy Hayler and Pocket Concierge.
  • The Sisters Love to Eat:
    HangryDiary's 7 Restaurant Recommendations

    Raised in Hong Kong and Living in LA, the Sisters Love to Eat: HangryDiary's 7 Restaurant Recommendations.
  • A Fashion Model Turned Food Journalist: Luxeat’s 7 Restaurant Recommendations

    “Who said that models don’t eat?”. A Fashion Model Turned Food Journalist: Luxeat’s 7 Restaurant Recommendations in Japan.
  • No.7 OAD Reviewer
    Robert Driscoll's
    Top 10 Restaurant Picks

    A Gastronomy Ambassador that Connects Japan's Food Culture with the World: Robert Driscoll's 10 Restaurant Recommendations.
  • Passion in Food: cityfoodsters’s
    Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    With their passions in food, they continue to present their opinions on different kinds of restaurants around the world.
  • Traveling Around the World for Food: supertastermel’s Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    10 Restaurants highly recommended by the Hong Kong foodie traveling around the World for Food, supertastermel.
  • Thai Gourmet Peragate Charoenpanich’s (Beer) Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    Dining Everyday at Top-Notched Restaurants, the Thai Gourmet Peragate Charoenpanich's (Beer) Restaurants Recommendations.
  • World-Renowned Foodie Takefumi Hamada's Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    LIVE TO EAT! World-Renowned Foodie Takefumi Hamada Presents:10 Must-Go NOW Restaurants.
  • Master of Earthen Gourmet: Naoyuki Honda’s Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations

    In this article, we introduce 10 restaurants highly recommended by the ‘man who has seen it all’ in gourmet, Mr. Naoyuki Honda.


Pocket Concierge

Pocket Concierge is Japan's premier online booking & payments service for gourmet experiences; we currently have over 806 partner restaurants that we recommend with pride, including both those of international renown, frequently featured in gourmet info-channels and decorated with accolades, as well as those hidden gems, unknown shops highly regarded by fellow chefs, and members-only hole-in-the-walls invisible to the common public. We provide smooth access to our partners in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and more, with the Pocket Concierge concept of 'connecting the world to Japan's culinary extraoridinance, without the hassle of barriers' in mind; our service provides full reservation support in English as well as web-based cashless transaction, making even the most unapproachable of sanctuaries just a click away! Pocket Concierge welcomes all foreign visitors to check us out!
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