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Enjoy fastidious food ingredients and the best Japanese sake in the elegant atmosphere of Omotesando

Japanese restaurant “Gatou” found in Omotesando, Tokyo. The place has a traditional Japanese feel to it, with many of its materials such as the glass they use and the refrigerator for sake, but with a modern twist.

The head chef is Yoshinaga Fujinami, who has refined his skills at the long-established restaurant “Kanetanaka” and “Yonemura,” he has also been awarded a prize in the National Japanese Cuisine Contest. Ingredients such as the Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Beef) and carefully selected luxury fish are used and no compromises with the ingredients are made. The specialty is the “Hot pot with seasonal fish for one”. You can enjoy an assortment of fish meat, such as conger eel, tilefish, and rockfish, as shabu-shabu with broth made from their bones and remaining meat.

For sake selection, there are limited sake, such as, "Kokuryu Shuzo Sake Brewery," which is the first Daiginjo in Japan that was released to the general market, that goes well with the ingredients. There are private rooms that can be used for 2 to 22 people. You can visit this restaurant for a wide range of occasions, from business entertainment to parties. Please come enjoy Japanese food in a space for adults.

A 3-minutes walk from B2 Exit of Omotesando Station on the subway

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    Date of Visit: 1/2020
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Kaiseki course 8 dishes (Shabu-shabu thin slices of beef cooked by swishing through boiling water)
13,860 JPY / Guest
Kaiseki course (8 dishes) (with seasonal shabu-shabu soup and abalone)
18,095 JPY / Guest
Kaiseki course 9 dishes (seasonal soup stock shabu-shabu ・ Kagoshima beef steak ・ Live abalone)
19,910 JPY / Guest



Gatou [雅灯(がとう)]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

11:30~15:00(L.O. 14:00) 17:00~23:30(L.O. 22:30、Dinner course L.O. 21:30)


No holiday, No holiday (Only Year-end and New Year holidays)


5-51-6 , Zinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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Gatou [雅灯(がとう)]