81 (Eighty One)

30,000 円 〜
/ 人
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8 seats per day, all the time fully booked cook show

Owner Chef Takeshi Nagashima has trained under Ferran Adrià
the owner and chef of El Bulli - the world gourmet guide awarded World's most popular restaurant.
The dinner time starts at 7pm with chef Nagashima's greeting.You will see Chef Nagashima's world-view through his distinctive cuisines.

The tables are close enough to the open kitchen that you can see the chef's cook show. The restaurant only provides 20,000 yen course cooked by Chef Nagashima according to his daily recipe. The best wines will be recommended to pair up with the meal.

An extraordinary dining experience is waiting for you at 81.

※Course includes drink pairing so you can choose Wine Paring or Tea Paring (※ Please note that there is no change in the price.)
※Tea pairing is available for non-alcohol pairing, it is required to reserve in advance. Please state the number of people as ""non-alcohol for how many people"" at the ""Request Column"" when making the reservation. (Please be aware that the price will be the same)

* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

8-minute walk from Hiroo station, Exit 3 (Hibiya Line)



  • 30's

    来店日: 10/2020
    That's fantastic dinner entertainment!!!
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: デート
  • 60's

    来店日: 9/2020
    とても美味しかったです。 湯葉、おくら美味しかったです。 ハマグリとても甘かったです。 ハマグリの衣の甘味とデザートワインが合うような気がしました。 これからも素材の味を大切に美味しいものを提供してください。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 友達と食事
  • 50's

    来店日: 1/2020
    全て目新しく 食材の使い方も斬新 もちろん美味しく頂きました。 サービスも初めての経験 ドリンクのペアリングが とてもお食事を引き立てていました。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 記念日



An Experience
30,000 円 / 人



81 (Eighty One) [81(エイティワン)]


Other Western cuisine


From July, 2020 Dinner starts at 19:00 sharp.


Sunday, Public holidays and irregular holidays


4-21-2, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo



81 (Eighty One) [81(エイティワン)]