Bistaurant RNSQ

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9,290 JPY 〜
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  • Anniversary Services

French cuisine for one year only by an energetic young chef trained at Michelin restaurants in France

A French restaurant located a few minutes' walk from Azabu-juban Station, with a innovative concept of letting different young cooks be the head chef in a period of time. The chef that has currently been appointed is the 29 year-old Katsuji Yoshino, who has gained his wealth of experience at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, including "Pierre Gagnaire" and "Troisgros" in France. The name of this restaurant "RNSQ by Katsuji Yoshino", with Chef Yoshino's name on it for only one year, offering his unique cuisines to the guests.

Chef Yoshino learned his cooking skills from a number of grand chefs. He learned how to use herbs at "David Toutain", located on the 7th arrondissement in Paris; gained experience on food plating at "Pierre Gagnaire"; and received the idea of "sweet and sour" for menu design at "Troisgros". All the skills that he has learned have been elevating his own cooking, giving birth to his very own unique style. For example, the four different types of amuse-bouche provided in all the course menus are based primarily on fragrant herbs delivered from Nasu Kogen, cleverly manipulating the sour and bitter flavors of citrus fruits to provide a perfect beginning for the coming dishes. He sources fresh fish from the fish markets in Hagi, and the meat dishes offered are based on traditional sauce and perfect grilling skills.

The perfect accompaniment to enhance his innovative dishes is the wide range of wines carefully selected by the owner sommelier. We highly recommend sampling them with your meal on those special occasions, whether you are sitting at the counter or having a table seating, while enjoying an evening dinner or having a date.
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[Reserve at least 3 days in advance] Chef's selection course
13,662 JPY / Guest
Chef's handpicked selection course
11,613 JPY / Guest
RNSQ course
9,290 JPY / Guest



Bistaurant RNSQ [Bistaurant RNSQ (ビストラン エレネスク) ]

Cuisine Type


Opening hours

18:00~25:00 (L.O.22:30)


Sunday, Monday (If it is a holiday), irregular


3-3-9, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Bistaurant RNSQ [Bistaurant RNSQ (ビストラン エレネスク) ]