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Sasuga Le Kura

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Sister branch of a Michelin one-star restaurant offering charcoal-grilled cuisine and handmade 100% buckwheat soba.

"Sasuga Le Kura", a restaurant specialize in charcoal-grilled cuisine and handmade 100% buckwheat soba, located on the 6th floor of one building at Kincho-dori Street, Ginza 8-chome, which is a perfect location that only takes 6 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza station, 5 minutes from Shimbashi station or 7 minutes from JR Yurakucho station. It is a branch of the Michelin 1-star "Soba Sasuga" in Ginza.

Charcoal-grilled cuisine offered are prepared by "Soba Le Kura" style culinary skills, the perfect balance of coal used is a result of experience gained at French restaurants. Ingredients are chicken, duck and organic pesticide-free vegetable brought from "Green shop" in Tokyo. Specialty "Deep-fried sakura shrimp with mixed vegetable strips" and the fluffy "buckwheat ball", are all special cuisines only can try at "Sasuga Le Kura".

The specialty "handmade 100% buckwheat soba" is made preciously from milling buckwheat flour with the Hiroki Ishiya tailor made stone mortar. The finishing dish is as same as the charcoal-grilled cuisine, prepared in from of the counter seats. Chef's selected course with a variety of side dishes and pairing Japanese sake and wine will make you try it again and again. Vegetarian menu can be prepared under request. Counter, semi-private room and private room for a group up to 10. Even you are planning to have a sightseeing will night, we welcome guests till 22:00 every business day.

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9,500 JPY / Guest

  • Course: Amuse, 5-type assorted appetizer, Seasonal one-bite soba, Fried egg with stock, Deep-fried sakura shrimp with mixed vegetable strips, charcoal-grilled meat or fish dish, Basket soba or cold soba

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Recommendations (8)

  • Age: 50'sDate of visit: 10/2018Number of visits: 2Purpose: With friend
    本店を含めますと4回目になりますが、お蕎麦はもちろん、Le蔵ならではのお料理には驚かされます。 どんな人を連れて行っても間違いない、と思わせていただけます。 かえって、こちらから事前に特別なお願いをするよりも、お店で考えていただき、提供いただけるお料理の方が、新鮮さを含めてより良いと思いました。 また機会をみておうかがいさせていただきます。
  • Age: 50'sDate of visit: 2/2018Number of visits: 1Purpose: With family
    料理内容に不満はありませんし、店員さんの対応も好感が持てました。 機会があれば、また利用したいと思います。
  • Age: 50'sDate of visit: 7/2017Number of visits: 2Purpose: With friend
    普段、外食を選びませんが、こちらに一度おうかがいし、すっかりお気に入りになりました。 蕎麦は言うに及ばず、細めで喉越し良く。 今回は色々な料理を少しずついただき、目でも満足。 でも(蕎麦を除いた)一番のお好みは玉子焼き。 少なくとも自分には初めての味と食感です。 店員の方の対応も丁寧でありながら、決して過ぎることのない接し方は好感が持てます。 和食を食べたくなったら、またうかがいます。
  • Age: 40'sDate of visit: 6/2017Number of visits: 1Purpose: Other
    急な人数変更に対応していただいて助かりました。 落ち着いて食事が出来た事も良かったです。
  • Age: 30'sDate of visit: 10/2016Number of visits: 1Purpose: With friend
  • Age: 30'sDate of visit: 7/2015Number of visits: 1Purpose: With friend
  • Age: 70'sDate of visit: 6/2015Number of visits: 1Purpose: With Colleagues
    料理と雰囲気はとても良かったです。 ただ、酒関係が意外と割高な感じがしました。
  • Age: 30'sDate of visit: 6/2015Number of visits: 1Purpose: Business dinner
    接客が丁寧 食事は見栄えするが味は並か?(好みの問題か)
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Name [Japanese name]
Sasuga Le Kura [流石Le蔵]
Cuisine Type
Opening hours
17:30~26:00 (Charcoal grill: L.O.24:00 Soba: L.O.25:30) Sat. 17:30~22:00 (Charcoal grill: L.O.21:00 Soba: L.O.21:30)
Sunday , National holidays
8-7-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Closest Stations

4-minute walk from Shinbashi Station (Exit A3), Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

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