Chinese Takase

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Gourment admire, reservation only, high-quality Cantonese restaurant which takes advantage of using Japanese seasonal ingredients

Chinese Takase is a hideout restaurant located in a corner of Ginza. The head Chef Mr. Kenichi Takase is the leading person who has been pursuing Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisine for a long time. He worked as the first head chef of Chinese cuisine Sense, in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo, then he opened Cantonese en KEN TAKASE in 2012, as the owner-chef in Tokyo Station Hotel. He had kept leading the position of Cantonese Cuisine in Japan. He offers Cantonese dishes based on the cultural aspect “A balanced diet leads to a healthy body.”
There are approximately 10 courses of chef’s choice using high-class seasonal foodstuff, for example, grouper, high-class fish in Hong Kong, shark fin or duck. By using Japanese ingredients and seasoning, Cantonese cuisine which only Mr. Takase can cook is served dynamically.
Top grade Chinese thickness soup which taken soup stock with special Chinese ham not using seasonings like salt or pepper and shark fin dish of big blue shark have been loved for a long time by fans.

The dining is a calm space of wood style, consisting from 7 seats of chef’s table which is the closest distance between the chef and guests and table seats that you can sit comfortably. There is a full of gentle atmosphere combining fine quality and naturalness. We recommend you to visit for important business meetings, dates, or dinners, and enjoy Mr. Kenichi Takase's dishes which satisfies a gourmet.

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■6 minute walk from Shinbashi Station, JR Yamanote Line
■8 minute walk from Ginza station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line・Ginza Line・Marunouchi Line



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    Date of Visit: 12/2019
    素晴らしいお料理を満喫しました。 材料の素材のみのお出汁や、国産の食材を多く取り入れたお料理の品々は身体に染み渡る美味しさでした。 中華料理を作られている姿を拝見しながら、心地よい料理の音も堪能出来ました。 また、伺いたいと思います。 ありがとうございました。
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Chinese Takase [中華たかせ]

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Opening hours

Dinner: 17:30~23:00 (L.O.22:30)


Sunday, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


8-7-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Chinese Takase [中華たかせ]