Sushi Wakon Kyoto

22,770 JPY 〜
/ Guest
35,420 JPY 〜
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Experience the history of a Kyoto garden and one-star Edo-style sushi at a five-star hotel

The five-star Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto opened in October 2016 in Higashiyama, Kyoto, a location with a large number of temples and other historical buildings. Sushi Wakon is a stunning location next to the beautiful 800 year old Sekisuien pond garden. The restaurant was created by world gourmet guide awarded master sushi chef Rei Masuda. Chef Masuda has assembled and trained a world class team that focus on providing a truly unforgettable Edo-Mae style sushi dining experience. Sushi Wakon awarded 1 star in the gourmet guide in Autumn, 2017.

Sushi Wakon uses only the finest ingredients available from Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo which are flown in daily. The restaurant provides a sublime omakase course, offering dishes especially selected by chef Masuda, focusing on seasonal ingredients, and showcasing a perfect combination of cooked dishes and nigiri sushi. There is also a wide variety of premium Japanese sake and wines available, all carefully selected to be the perfect accompaniment for sushi. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this type of Edo-style sushi —combined with the absolutely stunning interior designs, furnishings, and artworks by some of the nations foremost craftsmen— is an experience for all the five senses that can only be encountered at Sushi Wakon.

The restaurant offers a traditional wooden counter that seats up to ten guests as well as two private rooms that comfortably seat groups of eight and four. Families are welcome to use the private rooms to enjoy a meal with their children. We recommend making reservations for lunch or dinner from Pocket Concierge, whether you wish to enjoy an exquisite sushi meal with family and friends
or for a business gathering. The staff can also speak English and Chinese.

※ Awarded 1 star on world-renowned gourmet guide Kyoto-Osaka 2022

* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

■10-minute walk from Keihan Main Line Shitijō Station



  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 4/2019
    夫婦二人とも最初は緊張しておりましたが、板前さんとの会話を重ねる中から緊張も解け、楽しい時間を過ごせました。 お寿司は文句なしに素晴らしく、妻の苦手な部分についてもしっかり対応していただきありがとうございました。 すべてのスタッフの皆様が素晴らしい対応をしていただき、外国の方のちょっとしたハプニングにも対応する場面も素晴らしく、非常に印象に残りました。 妻もすっかりお寿司(というより鮨 和魂の)ファンになったようで、また利用させていただきます。 ありがとうございました。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Date
  • 60's

    Date of Visit: 3/2018
    板前さん、接客係の方も明るく対応して頂きました。 ネタも大変美味しく、また行きたいと思います。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family


Nigiri Sushi Course
22,770 JPY / Guest
Omakase Course
35,420 JPY / Guest
Omakase Course
35,420 JPY / Guest



Sushi Wakon Kyoto [鮨 和魂 京都]

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Opening hours

Lunch: 12:00 - 14:00 (L.O. 12:30) Dinner: Two-part system Part 1: 18:00 Part 2: 20:30



445-3, Myouhouinmaekawatyou, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

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Sushi Wakon Kyoto [鮨 和魂 京都]