Ginza Wakuta

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36,300 円 〜
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Enjoy the tastes of the season in relaxing fully-private rooms

“Ginza Wakuta” is a well-established Japanese Cuisine. Started from 2003 in Ginza, this restaurant does have a with long history.

Chef here has experience training in traditional restaurants all around Tokyo and Kyoto. Kaiseki Course which combining carefully selected seasonal ingredients, providing you the feeling of changing between seasons. Such as the vegetables that producers brought up with heart, and seafood that fishermen captured at the risk of life. Fully use of every characteristic of each ingredient, to bring out the taste to the utmost. “Ginza Wakuta” specialty "Donabe Gohan(Earthenware Pot Rice)", a luxurious dish that cooks thoroughly and deeply, with the most tasty ingredients at that time. Depending on the dishes, there are more than 10 kinds of Sake and wine, so you can enjoy the taste of the season through the course.

Counter seats, semi-private room, and complete private room (for 6 people) are prepared for you to enjoy. A good suggestion for various situations, such as entertainment dinner or family gatherings. Private room with sunshine is also a perfect recommended for lunch. English service is available here, welcoming oversea visitors. If you would like to have a celebration, inform us in advance so that you could enjoy our special services such as red rice and dessert can be upgraded by prior consultation at the time of reservation.
* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

※For reservation of 5 to 8 people, please contact us here .

■ 5 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" Exit C2
■ 5 minutes on foot from JR Yokosuka Line "Shinbashi Station" Ginza Exit
■ 5 minutes on foot from JR Keihin Tohoku Line "Shinbashi Station" Ginza Exit



  • 40's

    来店日: 3/2018
    個室で落ち着いて食事・会話ができましたし、料理も美味しかったです。 量も多すぎず、提供スピードもちょうど良く、お客様もご満足されていたので、また機会があれば是非利用したいです。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 仕事で接待
  • 40's

    来店日: 3/2018
    - high quality ingriedients - very well composed menu - very friendly staff - healthy and tasty food - nice atmosphere
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: デート
  • 60's

    来店日: 6/2017
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚



Luxurious Lunch Course with Seasonal Ingredients
9,900 円 / 人
Specially Selected Kaiseki - Special blissful course prepared by listening to customer's request
36,300 円 / 人



Ginza Wakuta [銀座 和久多(わくた)]


Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku


Lunch: 12:00~14:30 (L.O. 13:00) Dinner: 18:00~22:30 (L.O. 20:00)


Sunday, Holiday, the 3rd Saturday, and Lunch on Monday


8-3-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



Ginza Wakuta [銀座 和久多(わくた)]