Kintsuta Ginza

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Enjoy beautiful view of Tokyo with the signature 「Takiniku nabe」 that uses fresh ingredients from Kyushu.

"Kintsuta" Ginza was opened in November 2015 after the opening of Roppongi branch. The main restaurant is located in Haruyoshi in Fukuoka. Their signature dish "Takiniku nabe", which uses a lot of ingredients from Kyushu, can be enjoyed in the Ginza branch.

"Takiniku nabe" is a style of hotpot where you cook the meat and vegetables in the cow tail soup like shabu shabu. In a special hot pot, vegetables directly delivered from Kyushu, "kokuhoubuta" from Kagoshima Prefecture, and Japanese black wagyu sirloin from Kyushu are presented. There are two types of sauce for the shabu shabu, salt and tomato. These special pots, their functions, and the way to create pots are patented and design is authoried. Customers can enjoy this specialty only in Kintsuta. In addition, a Japanese black tea is served after dinner, which makes the course full of the taste of Fukuoka.

Chef Toshimasa Sakaki used to train at the time-honored Japanese cuisine restaurant "Tankuma Kitamise". Not only does he create menus, but also produces shops in Tokyo area.

The tone of the restaurant is white, with private rooms for 2 to 8 guests. There are also private rooms with beautiful view of Tokyo. The seats next to the windows are sofa seats, which is recommended for children. Please enjoy this restaurant with beloved ones, guests and family.

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■JR · Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Shimbashi Station "Ginza exit" 3-minute walk
■Tokyo Metro Ginza line Ginza station C2 exit 5-minute walk
■Toei Mita Line Uchisaiwaichō Station A5 exit 6-minute walk



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[table]Black wagyu chuck ribs and "Kokuhoubuta (pork)" Takiniku Nabe course
7,623 JPY / Guest
[Private room]Black wagyu chuck ribs and "Kokuhoubuta (pork)" Takiniku Nabe course
7,986 JPY / Guest
[Table]Black wagyu sirloin and "Kokuhoubuta (pork)" Takiniku Nabe course
9,240 JPY / Guest



Kintsuta Ginza [金蔦 銀座]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

17:30~23:00 (L.O. 22:30)


Sunday, Sunday


8-3-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Kintsuta Ginza [金蔦 銀座]