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Nakasei Uchimise (中勢以 内店 (ナカセイ ウチミセ))

  • Anniversary services
  • English Menu
  • 10yrs old and up OK

The restaurant with meat shop where you can enjoy special aged beef .

A lot of historic universities and parks are scattered, and it has a cultural and calm atmosphere, that is Myogadani, Tokyo. 6-minute walk from the station, Nakasei Uchimise, the restaurant serving dry aged beef is located along Harimazaka which is famous for cherry blossom festival. As a sister restaurant of meat shop, Nakasei Honten, known as a pioneer of dry aged beef, Nakasei Uchimise opened in 2013 with thoughts of “Pass down the deliciousness of the ingredients proudly.” The restaurant won one star from the Michelin guidebook.

The first thing you will see as getting into the store is a number of aged meat arranged beautifully in the showcase. This area is Nakasei Kitamise and you can move into the restaurant Nakasei Uchimise from the door behind.

The dishes are two types of course with recommended red meat or marbled meat and à la carte. For à la carte, you can choose meat from a showcase of meat shop, Nakasei Kitamise.
Kobe beef, Matsuzaka beef, and very rare and authentic Tajima beef which is the source of Oumi beef are used.
By putting in aged storage about 8 to 12 weeks, the beef is going to age slowly, and the flavor becomes richer.
Under the guidance of the general chef who is also a general chef in the famous French cuisine restaurant in Tokyo with about 30-year career, beef is grilled in the best condition and served the best timing. The chef also put emphasis on vegetables. He orders leafy vegetables and root vegetables from eight contract farmers and also buys fresh vegetables directly.

There are 44 seats in the restaurant and all of them are table seats. Space between tables are wide and the half of the floor is one step higher than the others, so space is divided like a semi-private room. It is possible to reserve for about 10 people. How about enjoying the best meat for casual business meetings or anniversaries.
* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

*For reservation of 5 people or more, please request from this inquiry form.

*You can also contact us with an e-mail to Pocket Concierge.

■6-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Myogadani Exit2



A la carte fee

10,000 JPY / Guest

  • You can choose your favorite part of meat and amount for your main dish from store’s showcase as well as appetizer and relish.

    Please select "A la carte fee" here and specify "1 person use" in the request column. In addition, please note that the minimum usage fee is from ¥20,000.

  • ※ On the day, a refund will not be made if the meal fee is less than ¥10,000 per person(in only one person, ¥20,000), please be understanding of this beforehand.

    ※ Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.


UCHI 10 course

13,041 JPY / Guest

  • A course will be from 2 people or more.

  • ▼Couse Menu
    Amuse, cold appetizer, small dish, main dish (today's lean beef 60 g and marbled beef 60 g), relish, meal, dessert

    ※ Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No extra charges will occur if there is no additional order.


Recommendations (2)

  • Age: 30'sDate of visit: 8/2018Number of visits: 2Purpose: With Colleagues
    美味しいお肉とワインを楽しみたい方にオススメのお店です。 店内はゆとりのある席配置で、ゆったりと過ごせる空間です。 コースは、シャルキュトリーやステーキに、野菜の一品料理などがバランスよく組み合わさっており、序盤から赤ワインが飲みたくなります。 神戸出身の同僚も、こちらのステーキは美味しいと絶賛しておりました。 あと、コースにはないですが、ステーキの付け合わせに、アラカルトメニューのマッシュポテトを追加するのがオススメです。非常にクリーミーで、ここより美味しいマッシュポテトに出会ったことがありません。 肉好き、ワイン好きの方をまた連れて行きたいと思います。
  • Age: 30'sDate of visit: 4/2018Number of visits: 1Purpose: Date
    Fantastic meal and service! The gentleman serving us was very kind and helpful. We enjoyed every moment of the experience and hope to come again soon.
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Nakasei Uchimise (中勢以 内店 (ナカセイ ウチミセ))

Cuisine Type

Opening hours
Lunch: 11:30~15:30 (L.O. 14:00) ※Saturday・Sunday、A long weekend Dinner: 17:00~23:00 (L.O. 21:30)

If Monday is a holiday the next Tuesday will be closed.

5-10-18, Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Closest Stations

6 minutes by walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Myogadani Exit2