Kioi cho Mitani

31,000 日元 〜
/ 人
31,000 日元 〜
/ 人

A well-known restaurant with difficulty making a reservation, a fresh hospitable setting.

Kioicho has come to be known as a business district and high-class residential area after a famous Daimyo (feudal lord) family established a residency there during the Edo period. Chosen for its suitability to the area, the sushi restaurant Kioicho Mitani was invited to be a part of a new landmark - Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, a large-scale commercial facility opened in 2016.

The popularity of its sister restaurant - located in Yotsuya, Tokyo - speaks for itself, as it has come to be known as the hardest restaurant in Japan to make a reservation. Kioicho Mitani’s manager, Hiroyuki Takano, was brought up in a sushi restaurant in Gifu prefecture, and has wanted to be a sushi chef since early childhood. He was appointed to manager after meeting and training with Mr. Mitani at the popular sushi restaurant Sushirosan.

The cuisine includes courses selected by the chef, beginning with side dish snacks using seasonal ingredients, followed by nigiri (thin slices of raw fish served atop of rice). Sushi cuisine is to be enjoyed with sushi and sake, a unique experience at a sushi restaurant. In order to ensure the customer experiences the food at its best, it is served to you directly, this is the Mitani style.

The sushi rice is also unique, with red vinegar, brown rice black vinegar, salt and sugar mixed with 3 kinds of sake kasu (paste left over after sake production), all of which have matured for different periods of time. Since Mitani is also known as a pioneer for their unique marriage of sushi and wine, the restaurant offers suggestions for which wine or sake goes well with each dish or nigiri. The restaurant manager is keen to welcome you to flavor this exquisite marriage.

Guest seating includes a 13-seat counter and private room available for up to 6 people. The building is reminiscent of a tea room, with its golden colored seats and silver private room. The counter is made from 750 year old Taiwanese cypress wood, with chairs made by Japan’s finest furniture craftsmen, all in a setting where every detail is carefully considered. Guests don’t have to be nervous, Mr. Takano - who above all else considers how to satisfy his customers – invites you to enjoy the spirit of haute couture tailored to your needs.
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■1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line Nagatacho Station Exit 9a



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    访问日期: 11/2020
    初訪問でした。 たまたま空いていた枠を取ることができました。 女性で割と食べる方ですがかなり満腹になりました。 コストパフォーマンス、いいです。 一品一品が研究し尽くされて、手の込んでいるものでした。 予約困難な理由がわかります。 また伺います。
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    访问日期: 11/2020
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    访问日期: 9/2020
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Omakase Course
31,000 日元 / 人
Omakase Course
31,000 日元 / 人



Kioi cho Mitani [紀尾井町 三谷]




Lunch: 12:00~15:30 (L.O. 13:00) Dinner: 18:00~22:30 (L.O. 20:00)


No fixed holiday


1-2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo



Kioi cho Mitani [紀尾井町 三谷]