Shunkeian Arakaki

15,400 JPY 〜
/ Guest
15,400 JPY 〜
/ Guest

Enjoy seasonal and sophisticated Japanese cuisine and tempura which uses carefully selected ingredients.

Shunkeian Arakaki is located on Shintomichō’s main street. The restaurant Shunkeian, was used by the owner, Kaname Arakaki, to create the feeling of "a small restaurant where you can flavor each season". It is a restaurant where you can enjoy a relaxing meal and palate Japanese cuisine and tempura which use seasonal ingredients.

Mr. Arakaki trained for 10 years in the Japanese restaurant Tsukiji-Edogin, and another Japanese restaurant in Roppongi. From the age of 28 he spent 20 years working as head chef for various Japanese restaurants. Then in 2014, he opened Shunkeian Arakaki in Kachidoki, Tokyo. He relocated the restaurant to Shintomichō and reopened inJuly 2017.

Since Mr. Arakaki is from Okinawa, dishes use a variety of ingredients from Okinawa, for example, for the a la carte tempura, gourd, green papaya, and Okinawa carrots are used. He also focused on local ingredients like sillago and conger caught in Tokyo bay. The tempura served at the restaurant is made by putting red bream and rockfish on konbu (kelp) and wrap them with yuba, or halfbeak served with pickled plum and Japanese pepper (ume-sansho), dried seaweed.
The course begins with appetizers, a side dish and sake, followed by a dish to clean the palate, then 7 dishes of tempura that are served in 2 parts. There are many fans of the shiba shrimp tempura or tencha (steamed rice topped with kakiage and hot green tea) along with the brown sugar pudding desert. There are 5 kinds of Japanese sake which change depending on the season, 10 kinds of South African wine which pair well with the tempuras, along with whiskey and Awamori.

The restaurant has 7 counter seats made from hinoki cypress, and is a calm setting where you can feel the warmth of wood. It’s a heaven for adults who are looking to kick back and enjoy a meal and alcohol at their own leisure, or in occasions such as casual entertainment, couples' anniversaries, etc.

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■3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Shintomichō Station



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    とてもよい雰囲気の中で食事を楽しむことができました。 お料理も素晴らしかったです。見た目も綺麗で驚きがあありとても満足しました。 また是非伺いたいです。
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【Sundays and Public Holidays Limited】 Omakase Course
15,400 JPY / Guest
Omakase course
15,400 JPY / Guest



Shunkeian Arakaki [旬恵庵 あら垣(シュンケイアン アラカキ)]

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18:00~19:30 (Last entry)


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3-5-10, Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Shunkeian Arakaki [旬恵庵 あら垣(シュンケイアン アラカキ)]