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A new style of Niku Kappo restaurant in the heart of Ginza.

Niku Kappo (meat dishes) is a Japanese cuisine that has been attracting attention in recent years because of the ingredients. It is a new cuisine which has been creating new possibilities for meat dishes. The restaurant Niku Kappo Yuzan, which opened in November 2017, is one of these restaurants which serves this style of cuisine.

The head chef of the restaurant is Shunsuke Sakamoto, who was the 4th generation family member of an eel shop in Chichibu, Saitama. He wanted to pursue a career as a chef, so he entered the culinary world. After training in restaurants specializing in soft-shelled turtle, puffer fish, and eel for 5 years, he returned to his parents. He shortly left for Tokyo after meeting a master of Teppanyaki cuisine who saw the qualities of a great chef in him. From the age of 25 he studied 7 years at the restaurant Teppan-yaki Kaika, in Ginza.

The reason why Mr. Sakamoto was so fascinating was because of his talent in making Teppanyaki dishes, and his performance at the counter when he cooked in front of the guests. Based on the experience he accumulated, he was able to predict customer’s preferences and how much / fast they could eat. He could quickly judge what kind of course to put together, offering a fine service.

The menu is a Kappo-style course featuring chargrilled black wagyu beef. For the main course, customers are able to choose from rump, sirloin, and fillet. Particularly popular is the filet which is healthy, and delicious of the lean meat. It is also important to mention their seasoning. They combine traditional Japanese seasonings such as boiled down sake and ichigari, as well as original dressing with no oil, to create new meat dishes. Customers can also try pairing their meals with carefully selected sake or gorgeous wine.

In addition to the spirit of Japanese cuisine which emphasizes on the changing of the four seasons, the tableware is mainly one of a kind items made by contemporary artists and Rosanjin. The restaurant's interior features a modern Japanese setting. In addition to the counter, there are also 2 private rooms. Although it is located in the heart of Ginza, customers are able to relax and enjoy the cuisine. It is also a suitable location for entertainment, dinner, and anniversaries.

Best Steakhouse in Ginza,Tokyo by Pocket Concierge

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■ 3-minute walk from exit A2/B3 of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station



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    Date of Visit: 9/2019
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Anniversary
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    Date of Visit: 8/2019
    The food was awesome, we were very satisfied with the service
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    Date of Visit: 3/2018
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Anniversary


[Special seasonal dinner] (The main dish is fillet.)
23,100 JPY / Guest



Yuzan [ゆうざん]

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L:12:00-13:30(L/E) D:17:00-19:30(L/E)



4F, Kojun Building, 6-8-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Yuzan [ゆうざん]