Kaisen Meisai Shangu

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A famous Cantonese restaurant with standout culinary techniques and good taste, offering elegant seafood dishes.

Kaisen Meisai Shangu was opened in 2011 along the Seijouki Street in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. This restaurant is produced by the owner chef of the restaurant Akasaka Rikyu, Tan Hikoaki, who is known as the leading chef for Cantonese food. The menu consists of seafood and seasonal ingredients. For this restaurant chef, Yamaguchi Kan, who was trianed under Mr. Zheng Yulin who is a friend of Tan Hikoaki, was chosen. He is known for using his skill and sense to create Cantonese cuisine with a gentle taste.

The hallmark dish is shark fin food with blue shark's fin with very rare value from Kesennuma in Miyagi prefecture. The shark's fin is carefully cooked withtop grade Chinese soup stock with uses delicious ingredients such as Jinhua ham to create a refined and profound flavor. The Crispy Grilled Pork Belly and Homemade Kama-yaki Char Siu which are included in the appetizers, are also popular dishes. Chef Yamaguchi purchases the seafood fresh from Okinawa, such as the Spotted garoupa and the Giant labird.

He also procures the freshest fish of each season from Tsukiji market and various fishing harbors across the country. He has prepared courses which incorporate seasonal ingredients for each season for customers to enjoy. There is fragrant wine, champagne and Shaoxing wine, to match the cuisine.

The restaurant features 4 tables for 4 guests, and 3 private rooms for 4 to 6 people. Using white and brown colors, the interior gives the impression of a modern setting. The interior is casually decorated with seasonal fresh flowers and Chinese modern arts, giving it a refined atmosphere which is suitable for entertainment and anniversaries. It is a reliable restaurant with gourmet food and the finest service.
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■ 7-minute walk from Tokyo Metro / Toei Roppongi Station



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Shakuyaku Course
14,520 JPY / Guest
Botan Course
19,360 JPY / Guest
Yuri Course
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Kaisen Meisai Shangu [海鮮名菜 香宮 (シャングウ)]

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Lunch: 11:30~15:00 (L.O. 14:00) Dinner: 17:30~23:00 (L.O. 22:00)




1F, Shiguma Nishiazabu Ⅱ, 1-4-44, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Kaisen Meisai Shangu [海鮮名菜 香宮 (シャングウ)]