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Enjoy the cuisine created by a self-taught chef and sake preserved in freezing point storage

Standing unassumingly in Kugayama, a residential neighborhood located a short distance from the heart of Tokyo, "Kirakutei" is a gastropub serving upscale Japanese cuisine in the kappo style. "Kirakutei" has made a name for itself with its selection of sake and elegant food to go with it, attracting guests not only from Tokyo, but also from throughout Japan, and beyond.

The owner Kotaro Asakura spent two years gaining experience as a chef at a Roppongi restaurant, beginning when he was 18. He then served as manager at an Izakaya. During that time, he personally visited some 50 sake breweries across the country, discovering a range of great sake before the current sake craze took hold. Since then, Mr. Asakura has become a well-known figure in the world of sake, and a fixture on the pages of the top food magazines. He has also been known to visit Japanese restaurants of all stripes, as an independent approach to studying cuisine. He opened "Kirakutei" in April 2007.

At any given time, the menu at "Kirakutei" consists solely of a full-course omakase (chef's selection) meal featuring 10-14 items. At the heart of these dishes is fresh seafood, sourced directly from Tsukiji market, Fukuoka, and Ishikawa. Even when the same type of fish is being used, the way in which it is prepared changes from day to day. The result is masterful food and drinks offered with a unique flair. The dishes here are also selected with great care, and include examples of Kyoto ware, Karatsu ware, Kutani ware, Arita ware, and crystalware, bringing even more color to the food.

As for sake, around 10 kinds are on offer, with a primary focus on sake that is best enjoyed during a meal. These include Jikon, Kido, and Hiroki. The sake here is kept in cold storage, in a custom-made refrigerator. It is also served cold, at a temperature of two to four degrees Celsius, which is another of Kirakutei's unique features. The wine list here is also popular among the establishment's contingent of regulars, with multiple choices available, including Burgundy as well as California wine such as Kenzo Estate.

Seating consists of counter seating for 8 and table seating for 16. "Kirakutei" is a popular destination for casual entertaining and dates. This establishment is highly recommended for sake lovers.
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■A 3-minute walk from Kugayama Station, Keio Inogashira Line



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Omakase (Chef's Selection) Course
17,060 JPY / Guest
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Kirakutei [器楽亭]

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Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

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5-7-9, Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


Kirakutei [器楽亭]
The vicinity of Keio Line