Ginza Tozaki

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Enjoy a relaxing meal at the counter; Imaginative sushi and Japanese cuisine 'Tozaki'

Ginza's 8-chome district, a mere 3 minute walk from the bustling Shimbashi station, is a quiet corner lined with scores of notoriously scrumptious eateries. So it may be worth mention alone that 'Ginza Tozaki' has made a name for itself as a sushi-kappo, or sushi&traditional-Japanese cuisine, restaurant, in this area. It has gained much acclaim for its revamped style of kappo, with a light infusion of western tastes into a menu of unique sushi and Japanese.

Chef Hiroya Tozaki, formerly of Tokyo Baycourt Club's Japanese restaurant as well as Ginza's 'Sushi-Kappo Tozaki', opened 'Ginza Tozaki' in 2016; with a mastery of Japanese culinary arts in tow, he creates innovative dishes under the concept of "Harmony with the World." A day's menu may be 'Horsehair Crab and Caviar', 'Abalone Sauté with Summer Truffles', and 'From the Grill: Miso-Marinated Fois Gras and Grilled Blackthroat Seaperch'; the chef's active experimentation, combining the world's rarest delicacies and other Western tastes with their Japanese counterparts, creates the incredible continuum of new-ound wonder that 'Tozaki' has gained renown for.

'Tozaki''s menu offers only a chef's course, consisting of 10 courses brimming with the season's ingredients; the catch that makes it unique however, are the 7-8 pieces of exquisitely concocted mini-sushi that serves as intermission twixt courses. The combination Niigata rice specially blended for sushi and red sushi vinegar brings the flavor and aroma of the day's catch out to the fullest, and makes sure the sushi is no afterthought. The multi-layered course is structured to be enhanced through pairing, and hence mariages with wine and sake are highly recommended. Worth special mention is the sake selection, as the restaurant finds rare and sought-after bottles bountifully, and serves the best of the season in beautiful sake-cups reflecting the transience of nature.

The solid cedar counter has ample room for each thanks to the 10-seat arrangement; and with only those counter seats, guests can enjoy in anticipation the vibrant preparation of their next course as they shiver in wonder of the blend of the dishes, sushi, and drinks. Popular with receptions, and dates alike, do immerse yourself in the inspirational spirit and unique culinary world of this refined, elegant Ginza hideout.
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■3-minute walk from Shinbashi Station (JR Yamanote Line)
■7-minute walk from Ginza Station Exit B9 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)



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Omakase Course
24,200 円 / 人



Ginza Tozaki [銀座とざき]




Lunch: 11:30~13:30 Dinner: 18:00~22:00


Sunday, Public Holidays


Kawabata Building Shinkan 2F, 8-5-21, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



Ginza Tozaki [銀座とざき]