Akami Nikugatou 33895 Tamachi Mita

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The secret course made with Wagyu beef that has been carefully selected by the owner from all over the country

A Yakiniku restaurant "Akami Nikugatou 33895 Tamachi Mita" opened in February 2018 as the branch of the popular Yakiniku restaurant, "Akami Nikugatou." This Yakiniku restaurant is a hot topic among Yakiniku fans both within and outside the country, with Wagyu beef that is carefully selected by the owner Mr. Tsuyoshi Miura who is known to be a meat mania.

The chef of "Akami Nikugatou 33895 Tamachi Mita" is Mr. Shintaro Maruko, who studied cooking at a French restaurant and led "Akami Nikugatou" in Ningyocho to the popularity it enjoys at present. "Akami Nikugatou Tamachi Mita" gives off its own unique charm with the Wagyu beef that is carefully selected by Mr. Miura, which incorporates the French cooking style of Mr. Maruko.

Even among the Japanese Wagyu beef that Mr. Miura has sourced for from all around the country, they are items that you can only get in the Tamachi Mita branch. Featured items in the restaurant include Kobe beef that is raised with clean water and fresh mountain air from Kawagishi Ranch in Hyogo prefecture, as well as the short-horned beef from Urushibara Ranch in Ninohe, Iwate prefecture that is uncommon even among Japanese Wagyu beef that is distributed in Japan. You can enjoy the taste of these varieties which are getting increasingly popular in the form of “Wagyu Lean Rock”, which expresses the tastiness of the meat by cutting it thickly, or “Original Ichibo Sukiyaki Style One-Piece Grill”, which is grilled quickly and eaten with beaten eggs.

The secret course is only available for Pocket Concierge and provided only to regular customers usually. "Akami Nikugatou Tamachi Mita" also pays special attention to prepare handmade menus that are complete with the name of the guests in preparation for their arrivals. Wine, as well as different varieties of highballs, are recommended for alcohol.

"Akami Nikugatou 33895 Tamachi Mita" has a woody atmosphere as it uses wood for the floor, tables, and chairs, and consists of table seats as well as 6 counter seats. There is also a “Meat Bath VIP Room for Members” that is designed with the concept of “enjoying meat while relaxing in a public bath with the view of Mount Fuji”. This room is said to be painted by one of only three public bath painters in Japan. Available for meetups or casual entertainment. This Yakiniku restaurant is one that makes you want to revisit again and again after the first time.
* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

■A 4-minute walk from Mita Station (Exit A3), Toei Mita Line
■A 5-minute walk from Tamachi Station (West Exit), JR Yamanote Line



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Uchi no Ura (our secret) Course
11,000 JPY / Guest



Akami Nikugatou 33895 Tamachi Mita [赤身にくがとう33895田町三田店]

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1F, Kazol Mita, 5-12-7, Siba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Akami Nikugatou 33895 Tamachi Mita [赤身にくがとう33895田町三田店]
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