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Delicately expresses the feelings of season with love for vegetables

He has swept a generation with natural Italian food at "Ristorante Canoviano," studied diligently at the Western-style restaurant "Ristorante ASO," of Daikanyama and been the head chef at Kyoto Ristorante and the Aroma Fresca Group. Yet, even the brilliant pedigree of the Chef of "HaRe Gastronomia" Naokazu Takayama is not enough to explain the true nature of his approach to cooking. With the sole thought of "I want to study vegetables," he moved to a historic farm in Kyoto and for 2 years spent every day in close contact with the vegetables. Mr. Takayama gained enlightenment in the most delicious way of eating vegetables, and the knowledge and experience he gained then help inform his cooking now.

With Japanese cuisine as the base, the essence of Italian cooking has been incorporated into the preparation method, and the course menu is based on a motif of the 24 divisions of the calendar year. Chef Takayama says that the menu composition "starts with the ingredients," and that there is no need for barriers between Italian and Japanese genres. With that monthly seasonal vegetable as the core, the season's colors are arrayed on small plates, and sauces made with Japanese essentials such as sake lees, perilla, and leaf wasabi are used to complete the meal. In June, the theme is a seasonal festival of ice; the lead role is that of the vegetables, whose hidden flavors are brought out by ice. The bowls are also chilled before serving. This keen sense of the seasons is in touch with the spirit of tea kaiseki, a simple meal eaten before the tea ceremony.

Chef Takayama is also particularly insistent on having a beautiful selection of liquor. There is 150 wine -mainly from Italy and France - and 200 types of sake, with 50 types always listed, including Hiroki, Nabeshima, Sharaku, Aramasa, and others. There are also plenty of craft beers which can be paired with the food as desired, allowing you to enjoy a superb marriage of flavors.

The interior has antique furniture and vases, with a large fireplace installed. Seasonal colors grace the space, with cherry blossoms in the spring, azalea in the summer, coral and dogwood in the autumn, and Japanese fir around Christmas time. The feeling of each season is woven into the abundantly relaxed atmosphere, and as you turn to your plate which vividly reflects the 24 annual divisions, you will certainly feel a clear resonance with the season called forth from within you. With its dark brown tones, the main dining room is suitable for friends, while the loft seat is perfect for dinner parties or dates. A variety of meaningful dining occasions can be enjoyed here.
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■A 5-minute walk from Ebisu station, Exit West(JR Yamanote Line)




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HaRe Gastronomia [HaRe Gastronomia(ハレ ガストロノミア)]

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From Sep 2019 ①18:00~ ②19:00~ ③20:00~


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HASEGAWARYOKU Building, 2F, 1-9-4, Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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HaRe Gastronomia [HaRe Gastronomia(ハレ ガストロノミア)]