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Enjoy various seasonal and aged mushrooms in the refreshing greenery of Karuizawa

"E.Bu.Ri.Ko" is located in a house in an old district of Karuizawa for holiday villas, and the area itself is full of history and considered one of Japan's premier summer resort destinations. The title "E.Bu.Ri.Ko" comes from the name of a mushroom, and just like its namesake, this restaurant serves French fare that specializes in wild mushrooms picked straight from the forest.

The owner-chef Atsushi Uchibori is originally from the city of Umeda in Nagano Prefecture. In his twenties, he served as a chef at an Auberge-style French restaurant in Matsumoto, a city located in Nagano. While he was there he picked up an interest in mushrooms, which led him to study and learn more about mushrooms and plants that grow out in the wild. While he continued to learn as much as he could about cooking with mushrooms, he served as a sous-chef at "La Butte Boisee" in Setagaya, as well as "Mushroom" in Ebisu. From there he moved on to set up his own establishment in 2011.

Wild mushrooms are around all year long, but the window to catch them when they are fresh is very narrow. Chef Uchibori ventures out himself to hunt for mushrooms and pick them up when they are at their best. He grabs the freshest mushrooms he can find, and if necessary he uses cold storage to help ripen any type of mushroom that needs it. Every mushroom requires its own specific method of preparation and cooking, and Chef Uchibori is an expert when it comes to figuring out which techniques work best. This way guests can expect that each ingredient on their plate is as fresh as possible. For instance, "Akayamadori," an elusive type of mushroom that only grows in Asia, are gathered up each season and kept in cold storage so they can ripen. This brings out their highly fragrant aroma and deep flavor, which is a perfect finishing touch for potage soup. For main courses, their menu features fresh fish and meat that come paired with mushroom-based sauces and garnishes. Their wine list is also tailored to match their mushroom cuisine, and guests can enjoy local wine made in the surrounding area and Nagano Prefecture.

"E.Bu.Ri.Ko" is located in a standalone house with a main dining area split between 2 floors. The atmosphere has a forest-like feel to it that adds an extra layer of comfort. Guest can look out the windows and take in the lush green colors outside, and the interior has a chic ambiance with wood tones running throughout it. The restaurant has table seating with a 14 seat total, and for an added bit of charm, there are mushrooms decorated all around the dining area. Chef Uchibori says that "I want our guests to enjoy our fresh, new approach that seeks out the very best flavors that mushrooms have to offer." With his deep love of mushrooms, Chef Uchibori seeks out one-of-a-kind flavors with a dining set to match them, making his restaurant an essential destination for anyone traveling to Karuizawa.
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A 15-minute walk from Karuizawa Station, Exit North(Shinano Train)



  • 40's

    来店日: 9/2022
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 仕事仲間と食事
  • 60's

    来店日: 7/2022
    いろいろなキノコの味を楽しめました。 キノコについてのお話も伺えてよかったです。 食材も多種多様で皆様美味しかったです。 シェフもサービスの方も感じが良く 和やかに食事ができました。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚
  • 50's

    来店日: 7/2022
    シェフの創意・工夫が感じられ、大変美味しかったです。 見た目も美しい料理でした。ありがとうございました!
    来店回数: 2回以上訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚


Dinner Course B
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E.Bu.Ri.Ko [E.Bu.Ri.Ko(エブリコ)]




【Weekday】Lunch: 11:30am - 2:45pm (L.O.1:30pm) Dinner: 5:30pm - 10:00pm (L.O.7:30pm)


Wednesday, Winter Vacation, Temporary Closed


1157-6, Karuizawa, Kitasaku-gun Karuizawa-machi, Nagano



E.Bu.Ri.Ko [E.Bu.Ri.Ko(エブリコ)]
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