SATO Briand Sango (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat)

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A new star for wagyu beef yakiniku for all fillet-lovers

Chateaubriand is the rarest of all cuts of beef fillet, with only about 1.5 kg able to be sourced from a single beef. The Yakiniku restaurant "SATO Briand" centers its menu on Chateaubriand, creating special dishes such as 'Buri-meshi(Braind Rice)' and 'Buri-katsu(Braind Cutlet) Sandwiches'. It is quite a feat to get a reservation at this restaurant located in Asagaya, Tokyo. Indeed, it has become so famous that there would not be a single meat-lover out there who do not know about the place. Restaurant #5 in the series, "SATO Briand Sango" (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat), opened in 2018 in the same Asagaya area. It has people talking.

The owner, Akihiro Sato, opened "SATO Briand" in 2011 after honing his skills in management, purchasing, and wagyu connoisseurship at a yakiniku grill restaurant in Shibuya. He then went on to produce other popular restaurants in the series—"SATO Briand Nigo" and "SATO Briand Jr.," which works on a membership system. As the restaurant name suggests, "SATO Briand Sango" (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat), is all about serving delicious wagyu beef fillet dishes to its customers, and it is sure to charm fillet-lovers all over again.

"SATO Briand Sango" (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat), has dared to do away with specialty dish Briand Rice. Working with a new concept, it is promoting its Hire-suki dish instead. The sukiyaki pot is placed on top of the grill to create the delicious taste of sukiyaki in a yakiniku style. Dishes that come into being thanks to such innovative thinking are all the result of ideas Mr. Sato has had for serving wagyu in delicious ways. "SATO Briand Sango" (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat) cooks up not only chateaubriand but also lean and marbled meats. The restaurant devotes itself wholeheartedly to having customers enjoy dishes such as yakiniku and shabu-shabu in addition to sukiyaki, all created from delicious wagyu beef ingredients. The menu presents a lineup that is also sure to please non-Japanese wagyu-lovers. There is a wide selection of wine to go with wagyu—everything from casual to top-quality vintages—and BYO is also possible.

The interior at "SATO Briand Sango" (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat) is a casual space, a reflection of Mr. Sato’s desire to have his customers enjoy wagyu beef in an unpretentious way. Split over 2 floors, it has a spacious private room on the upper floor that is able to accommodate up to 10 patrons. We invite you to discover the new taste of wagyu—indeed, with a taste all of its own—at "SATO Briand Sango" (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat).

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A 6-minute walk from Asagaya Station, Exit Nouth(JR Chuo Line)
A 6-minute walk from Asagaya Station, Exit Nouth(JR Chuo Sobu Line)



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    Date of Visit: 8/2019
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    Date of Visit: 2/2019
    素晴らしいお肉、素晴らしい調理で大変美味しくいただきました。 店内のインテリアは気を張らない印象ながら、お料理の解説は丁寧で分かりやすく、とても印象が良かったです。 予約が難しいお店なので、また空席が出た際にはぜひ伺いたいと思います。
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SATO Briand Standard Course
12,250 JPY / Guest
SATO's 'The SATO' Course
14,000 JPY / Guest



SATO Briand Sango (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat) [SATOブリアンさんごう(ヒレ好きSATOさん)]

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17:00~20:30(Last admission)


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1F, Okamototenpo, 1-37-6, Asagayakita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

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SATO Briand Sango (Mr. Sato loves fillet meat) [SATOブリアンさんごう(ヒレ好きSATOさん)]
The vicinity of Chuo Line