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The top quality Kobe beef prepared with Japanese-style cooking methods

The restaurant got its start as a new business venture in 2018 by a long-standing wholesaler that provides eel, freshwater fish, wild game and other high-end ingredients to popular restaurants, including "Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa" in Nagoya. And so, "Yakiniku Waniku," which serves Japanese-style meat dishes, was born out of a collaboration between fine quality meat ingredients and a chef who originally came from the world of traditional Japanese dining.

"Yakiniku Waniku" prides itself on seeking out the very best ingredients that distributors and wholesalers can confidently stand behind. This includes Japanese Black wagyu beef and other impeccable ingredients that have been selectively chosen from places like Kawagishi Farm, which is a well-known source of top quality Kobe beef. The skilled head chef behind the restaurant is Chef Yasuyuki Sato, who spent 8 years in Nagoya developing his skills in traditional Japanese dining before moving on to serve as an executive chef for a hotel. As a chef, he pushes forward to break new ground in meat-based cuisine by taking advantage of classic Japanese-style cooking methods that make the most out of each ingredient's inherent flavor. This way diners can taste each dish's ingredients when they are at their most flavorful. The menu here focuses on offering yakiniku and meat dishes that are simple, yet expertly prepared. This includes their "Sirloin Shabu-Shabu" with specially prepared Japanese dashi, as well as dishes like their "Yukhoe," which only uses meat that has met the strict safety standards of Kobe's food safety protocols for handling raw ingredients. Their dishware includes elegant "Arita aware," a style of Japanese porcelain that brings an extra level of gorgeous presentation to each meal. And when it comes to dishes that fall outside of their yakiniku-style offerings, they ensure that everything is prepared with the same methods that they employ for meat dishes, which focus on simple, delicious flavors. This includes seasonal side dishes and fresh veggie salads, as well as small rice dishes and shaved ice to complete the meal.

The sommelier carefully selects wines to complement delicate Japanese cuisine and meat. The restaurant offers 40 kinds of wines by the bottle and one by the glass. The interior of the restaurant has a modern atmosphere based on black and wood grain. In addition to table seating, four private rooms (for up to 18 persons) are available. A mature space where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine and yakiniku in a relaxed atmosphere awaits you.
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■A 10-minute walk from Nagoya Station(JR Tokaido Line)
■A 10-minute walk from Nagoya Station(Nagoya Municipal Subway Sakuradori Line)
■A 4-minute walk from Kokusai Center Station, Exit 4(Nagoya Municipal Subway Sakuradori Line)



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    Date of Visit: 3/2020
    楽しいひと時を過ごさせていただきました。 ありがとうございました。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Business dinner
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    Date of Visit: 1/2020
    とても満足しました 分かりやすく説明していただけたので食べる楽しみも倍増でした 口直しのフルーツかシャーベット、お抹茶などあると嬉しいと思いました
    Number of visits: 2+Purpose: With family
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    Date of Visit: 5/2019
    和気あいあいとした雰囲気と会話をしつつ…美味しいお肉料理を妻と満喫させて貰いました。 食が細りつつある昨今ではありましたが…ついつい美味しさに負けてしまい、完食致しました。 また訪れたいと思うお料理と楽しい一時をありがとうございました。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family



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Yakiniku Waniku [焼にく わにく]

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Lunch:11:30~15:00(L.O.14:00) Dinner:17:00~23:00(L.O.22:30)




LongShan Building, 4-16-17, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya,, Aichi


Yakiniku Waniku [焼にく わにく]
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