Japanese Cuisine Otsuka Yosuke

29,040 円 〜
/ 人
29,040 円 〜
/ 人
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Japanese cuisine made with love, with hospitality available in Japanese and English

"I believe that food is love," says Yosuke Otsuka, the owner of the namesake restaurant "Japanese Cuisine Otsuka Yosuke". Otsuka opened the restaurant in 2015 in Nishi-Azabu, and when he changed premises in 2016, he chose to stay in the same area because he values his regular customers.

Otsuka is originally from Fukuoka. While he is still just 32 years old, he has already earned considerable popularity among local restaurant-goers. Otsuka's biggest goal is to please his customers with cuisine made from fresh seasonal ingredients. He selects ingredients from his native Kyushu; Otsuka has vegetables shipped directly from Fukuoka every day, while for meat he orders Tarama beef raised in the Miyako-Jima region by a veteran farmer there, and for rice, Fukuoka grown Renge rice produced by a friend of his. Otsuka aims to please diners with simple, unflashy seasonal specialties like an unseasoned grilled eel in summer, longtooth grouper hotpot in winter, and rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients that differ according to the season. Otsuka's cuisine is an expression of his mastery of technique and sincere desire to please his customers. For tableware, he mostly uses Karatsu ware made in Saga. The earthy colors and wonderful texture of the dishes bring out the flavor of the fresh ingredients of the food. "Japanese Cuisine Otsuka Yosuke" offers Japanese sake and a selection of wine, most of which are sourced from France. Their mild flavors pair wonderfully with the cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine Otsuka Yosuke has a private room which seats four and six counter seats. Its design makes ample use of warm wood interiors, which will relax your mind from the moment you step in the door. "Many of my customers recommend my restaurant to their friends, which helps support my business," says Otsuka, and it is certainly the kind of place you will want to introduce your friends to, with its friendly, fun atmosphere. Since Otsuka is fluent in English, oversea guests can also have a great time here. Otsuka's carefully-made Japanese cuisine inspires the kind of trust that normally takes years to build.

*The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

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    来店日: 3/2019
    I was very happy with dinner at Ootsuka, where I have been many times. The fact that he speaks English is not a secondary detail, since accessing true Japanese cuisine is always a problem in Tokyo if you don’t speak Japanese. Anyway, he has a very good canteen with European wines or sake (nihonsyu). As far as the food is concerned, the freshest vegetables cooked the Japanese way (keeping all the flavour), great meat and sashimi (you will get small bites of everything) and some more adventurous dishes not that easy to find like suppon ( turtle’s broth). Don’t miss it!
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    来店日: 12/2018
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Tsutsuji Course
29,040 円 / 人
Tsutsuji Course
29,040 円 / 人



Japanese Cuisine Otsuka Yosuke [日本料理おおつかようすけ]


Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku


Lunch:12:00-14:00 Dinner:18:00-23:00




1F, IridukiBuilding , 1-4-26, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo



Japanese Cuisine Otsuka Yosuke [日本料理おおつかようすけ]