Sushidokoro Yamada

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A moving story told entirely through nigiri sushi

A sign for "Sushidokoro Yamada" hangs off the 3rd floor of a building in Ginza. The owner - Yusuke Yamada - changed careers from a different industry, and opened his own restaurant in 2012 after spending 7 years training at a sushi restaurant in Ginza. At "Sushidokoro Yamada," there are no side dishes and there is no ginger. It all comes down to the nigiri sushi. As Chef Yamada explains, "I want people who come to a sushi restaurant to be able to eat as much sushi as they like." An extraordinary passion for sushi, a zeal for study, and a playful heart that seeks enjoyment from guests have crystallized into a story told across 15 pieces of sushi.

All fish is sourced from Tsukiji Fish Market. Every morning, Chef Yamada makes his selections in person, and as he does not just rely on what's expensive but also focuses on what is good at the moment, there are frequently opportunities to encounter seafood that is not that commonly seen in Tokyo. For the sushi rice, he uses a rare melt-in-the-mouth variety with the low stickiness from Miyazaki Prefecture called Sasanishiki. A blend of red and white vinegar is used while the size and temperature of each nigiri are modified to suit the type of fish, creating a superb match of ingredients. The Kohada (konoshiro gizzard shad) and mackerel - offered as "closing pieces" - are perfectly seasoned, and Kanpachi and Buri (types of amberjack) are slightly fermented before serving. Another feature of the restaurant is its new technique-based approach with flavors not found in other restaurants, such as thick shiitake nigiri and raw oyster nigiri seasoned only with salt and served with oyster juice. The menu essentially consists of a 15-piece chef's choice course based on the selections of the day, but there are plenty of guests who fall in love with Chef Yamada's sushi and end up ordering a little more. Chef Yamada's sake pairings are immaculate in their fit with the "story" of the sushi, and it's safe to trust his choices.

"Sushidokoro Yamada" fits a total of 8 guests at a counter made of hinoki. With Chef Yamada's bright and humorous personality, space can be enjoyed not only as a place for business dinners or receptions but also for meals with friends or eating alone. Despite its location in Ginza, it's a place to come and feel welcome while eating delicious sushi.
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A 10-minute walk from Shinbashi Station, Exit Ginza(JR Yamanote Line)



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Omakase Course
16,500 JPY / Guest



Sushidokoro Yamada [鮨處やまだ]

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Sunday, Irregular holidays, Public holidays


3F, Poal Star Building26, 7-2-14 , Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Sushidokoro Yamada [鮨處やまだ]