Oryori Miyasaka

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Elegant and sophisticated world gourmet guide award Japanese-cuisine restaurant

In a quiet area near Nezu Museum in Minami Aoyama, you will find ""Oryori Miyasaka,"" a Japanese cuisine restaurant that has gone on to have world gourmet guide award. Run by Chef Nobuhisa Miyasaka, who worked in Tokyo for 11 years before moving on to pursue Japanese cuisine restaurant in Kyoto for another 10 years. After building up his culinary skills he set out to open up a place of his own in 2015.

Chef Miyasaka prefers to use fresh, seasonal ingredients rather than novel or peculiar foods. Furthermore, he sticks to traditional Japanese cuisine methods to draw out each ingredient's inherent flavor and seasonality. To accomplish this he seeks out the freshest seasonal ingredients that he can find from Toyosu Fish Market, as well as from producers all across Japan. In addition to that, Chef Miyasaka has a special penchant for white rice, the centerpiece of Japanese food culture. At the end of each course meal guests are treated to white rice that has been slowly cooked to perfection in an earthenware pot. And, at ""Oryori Miyasaka"" the chef brings in specially selected unpolished rice from Shiga that is polished on-site each day. The rice itself is cooked to ""Niebana,"" which refers to sweet and flavorful fresh cooked rice that retains a high level of moisture. As soon as the rice is perfectly cooked, it's served up right away so guests can savor and enjoy a full course of white rice and take in each layer of flavor that the rice has to offer. When it comes to drinks, Chef Miyasaka picks out each and every bottle of Japanese sake himself to make sure each drink is perfectly suited to the menu. He typically keeps a modest selection of around 10 different brands of Japanese sake, each of which are specially picked to complement the food.

When guests come to dine here there are only 8 seats total at the counter. The walls inside are made with black plaster, which is often used in castles and storehouses. It has a natural airflow to it that keeps the dining room cool in the summer and warm during the winter. The countertop has a gorgeous wood-grain surface, and the tableware includes antique items as well as artisan-made modern pottery. These aesthetic touches help further highlight each dish served by Chef Miyasaka. He tells us that, ""I want each guest to be able to acquaint themselves with each dish and fully enjoy their dining experience here at the restaurant."" So with that in mind, Chef Miyasaka firmly holds onto that concept every day so that when customers come into ""Oryori Miyasaka"" they are sure to enjoy not only the food but the friendly atmosphere as well.
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A 10-minute walk from Omotesando Station, Exit A4(Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)
A 10-minute walk from Omotesando Station, Exit A4(Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line)
【Access to the restaurant】
Around 10-15 minute walk from Omotesando station.
The path is quite dark and since the restaurant located underground which not easy to find, a staff will be waiting for you in front of the entrance.



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36,300 JPY / Guest



Oryori Miyasaka [御料理 宮坂]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

18:00~20:00(Last admission)




4-26-12, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Oryori Miyasaka [御料理 宮坂]