Hinabe Seito

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Specializing in the hot pot that blends authentic Sichuan with Japanese cuisine

Located a 5-minute walk from JR Sakuranomiya Station. "Hinabe Seito" is a Chinese cuisine restaurant specializing in a hot pot which opened beside the Okawa River in Osaka in 2018. Chef Ryosuke Kiritoshi operated a family-owned Japanese restaurant at this location for 15 years.

The owner of "Hinabe Mita" in Tokyo, once a regular at the Japanese restaurant, teamed up with Kiritoshi, who admired "Hinabe Mita" unique flavors, and opened this restaurant in Osaka. Despite the differences between Chinese hot pot and Japanese cuisine, Kiritoshi's skills were sufficient to enthrall the palate of the owner. Kiritoshi spent a month studying at the flagship restaurant in Tokyo and was entrusted with their traditional flavors. He also re-imagined dishes from his Japanese restaurant days in a Sichuan style, and the side dishes unique to "Hinabe Seito" are part of the appeal. The soup ingredients, such as chili peppers, Japanese pepper, ginseng, and goji berries, etc., used in the hot pot, are sourced from China. Therefore, since the seasonal Japanese ingredients are always changing, the marriage of authentic Sichuan mala soup, herbal chicken soup, and the inherent flavors of the Japanese ingredients creates a hot pot that you can only experience in Japan. The spicy, complex flavor of the hot pot is enhanced by 10-year-old Shaoxingjiu, a Chinese spirit with a distinctive mellow aroma and mild flavor. The fresh lemon sour, which is drunk while a frozen lemon wedge melts into it, is popular with women. The hot pot course is topped off with Dandan noodles served with a homemade blend of miso paste and ground meat. This masterpiece is a popular must-try dish at the Tokyo flagship restaurant as well.

The chic and relaxed interior is all semi-private seating. It can flexibly accommodate parties from 4 to 14 people by rearranging the blinds used as partitions, so it is perfect for group functions like welcoming and retirement parties. Hotpot is eaten with authentic Sichuan mala soup and herbal chicken soup also has detoxifying and beautifying effects, so it is recommended for married couples, dates, and groups of girlfriends.
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A 5-minute walk from Sakuranomiya Station(JR Osaka Kanjo Line)



BIKEN Triple-Flavor Hot Pot Course
6,380 JPY / Guest
Sichuan double-flavored hot pot: Sichuan Course
4,180 JPY / Guest
Sichuan double-flavored hot pot: Chengdu
6,380 JPY / Guest



Hinabe Seito [火鍋 成都(セイト)]

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Axis Life Tenman Bashi Building, 1-8-68, Tenmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka

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Hinabe Seito [火鍋 成都(セイト)]