la table de Provence

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Southern France cuisine with1,500 types of wine and Kanazawa ingredients

The Akasaka area is in walking distance of Fukuoka's Tenjin business district and is a charming neighborhood full of rich greenery and refined streets. A 1-minute walk from Akasaka Station brings you to French cuisine restaurant ""la table de Provence,"" well-located along the main street.

The owner-chef, Kenji Nomura, began his journey in cuisine in Tokyo. From there, he refined his abilities at world gourmet guide award French restaurants. After returning to Japan and working as a chef in Tokyo and Kanazawa, he opened his own restaurant in 1998. Just as the word ""Provence"" in the name implies, the restaurant offers light cuisine that focuses on the flavor of the ingredients, centering around seafood with plentiful vegetables and herbs, all made with experience gained directly in southern France. The carefully selected ingredients include black throat seaperch and crab sourced from Chef Nomura's native Kanazawa, chicken raised in France, Saga wagyu fillets, and domestic wild game. As there are a lot of dishes using olive oil, there is not much butter or cream weighing the food down, and the restaurant is known for the pleasant feeling following meals there. The course menu opens with the sea urchin and shrimp cream jelly that has been a standard offering since the restaurant opened. It is not an ""omakase""-style course with every dish pre-determined, with the ability to adjust the amount, such as by adding pasta or choosing between 4-5 entrees - in this way, guests are able to adjust their meal in accordance with their preferences. In addition, the restaurant is known for its selection of roughly 1,500 types of wine. Centering on Burgundy, there is also high-quality Bordeaux wine, and not only is the restaurant used for wine lover meetings, but wine aficionados from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea come to visit as well.

The stone interior - designed by the top designer Yukio Hashimoto - has a sense of elegance that unfolds the moment you pass through the entrance. Everything from the arches - reminiscent of southern France - down to the smallest details serve to heighten the experience even further. It is a top choice restaurant to represent French cuisine in Fukuoka.
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A 1-minute walk from Akasaka Station, Exit 1(Fukuoka Municipal Subway Airport Line)



Menu Provence
12,100 JPY / Guest



la table de Provence [ラ・ターブル・ド・プロヴァンス (la table de provence)]

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Lunch:11:45~13:30(L.O.) Dinner:18:00~21:30(L.O.)




1-13-8 , Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka

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la table de Provence [ラ・ターブル・ド・プロヴァンス (la table de provence)]