Nihon Ryori Nene

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A world gourmet guide award Kyoto-style restaurant with Kyushu ingredients in Kumamoto

A world gourmet guide award Japanese cuisine restaurant ""Nihon Ryori Nene"" is situated near Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto's top entertainment district. The owner-chef, Takayuki Shimizu trained for 7 years at ""Tankumakitaten,"" a venerable Kyoto cuisine restaurant in business for 90 years, and drilled in the techniques of Japanese cookery in Kyoto itself. In 2015, he chose his hometown of Kumamoto for the site of his independent venture.

The biggest feature of ""Nihon Ryori Nene"" is its unique Japanese cuisine created from traditional Japanese cooking techniques and rich local ingredients from Kumamoto. The dishes are brimming with a seasonal flavor that makes the most of all Kumamoto has to offer. The ingredients include high quality, fresh Kumamoto seafood also favored by traditional restaurants in Kyoto, Kyoto vegetables sourced directly from a Kyoto trader of long acquaintance, and rich produce nourished by the native soil of Kumamoto. The dishes are decided based on what ingredients come in that day, with special attention given to the four seasons and the seasons for the ingredients, so they are never the same from one day to the next. Each dish is truly special to each diner. To provide a range of Japanese sake to enjoy, Shimizu has a collection of fine Japanese sake carefully selected from all over Japan. Guests from outside of Kumamoto Prefecture, or outside of Japan, are encouraged to enjoy Kumamoto sake brands such as Hananoka with their meal.

The interior gives off a sense of warmth. The restaurant has 6 counter seats and 2 private rooms for 4 people and can accommodate up to 8 people. From the counter you can see Kumamoto Castle, which is the symbol of Kumamoto, and at night you can enjoy your meal while looking at the illuminated scenery. This Japanese restaurant is the perfect place for important occasions, from special anniversaries, celebrations, or other special occasions with family, friends, or a significant other, to banquets or entertaining important clients from outside Kumamoto or overseas.

A -2 minutes walk from Kumamoto City Streetcar Machi-suji Station
A -2 minutes' walk from Suidomachi Station on the Kumamoto City Trams
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Nihon Ryori Nene [日本料理ねね]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

18:00~LO20:30 (CLOSE22:00)




4FC-2,Kamidori Easton Building, 5-46, Kamitori cho, Kumamoto Chuo, Kumamoto

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Nihon Ryori Nene [日本料理ねね]