11,000 JPY 〜
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11,000 JPY 〜
/ Guest
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Italian cuisine in Kagurazaka, faithfully created with Japanese ingredients

Located 5-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station in Shinjuku, the Italian restaurant "DIRITTO" is hidden away on the 4th floor of a building. Getting off the elevator and opening the red-colored door, guests are greeted by Chef Masahiro Sakauchi, welcoming them in as though to his own home.

After working with the "AROMA FRESCA" Group for 6 years, Chef Sakauchi went into business on his own, opening "DIRITTO" in 2004. His decision to open a restaurant in Kagurazaka was because Chef Sakauchi originally hails from the Ochanomizu area and had always wanted to open a shop near his original neighborhood. With its venerable eateries set off by the stone pavement and historic language centers and other buildings, the neighborhood has an almost European atmosphere.

The restaurant's name, "DIRITTO," is Italian for "honest," "straight" or "sincere". "Here in Tokyo, a gathering point for all types of high-quality ingredients from all over Japan, I want to create Italian dishes made with the best of these ingredients," says Chef Sakauchi. "I don't want to create dishes that are all flair and no substance, and I don't want to create dishes that one-sidedly force my own personal views." Never forgetting the common-folk flavors he experienced in Italy, he wholeheartedly strives to deliver a unique DIRITTO-style take on Italian cuisine designed to please the palates of his customers.

DIRITTO-style Italian cuisine means using seasonal ingredients and simple preparation and bringing out the innate flavor of each ingredient for guests to enjoy. The seafood comes straight from Toyosu(ex-Tsukiji) market, while the vegetables come from Ota Market and are sourced from his family's vegetable shop. A Japanese seasonal theme is in full flourish here, with autumn featuring the use of matsutake and porcini mushrooms, Pacific saury pike and Nagano Purple grapes and winter bringing items such as wild game pasta with white truffles. Also popular are the meat dishes, such as the charcoal-grilled wagyu "Katsube Beef" from Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, each renowned for the finely-tuned grilling technique that goes into them. For wine pairings, 5 Italian wine are available to bring out the best in the cuisine on offer, for a full-fledged, uncompromising Italian dining experience.

The interior of "DIRITTO," designed in the image of a hotel where Chef Sakauchi stayed while traveling in Italy, is formal while also retaining a new-feeling, classical atmosphere. The cutlery is provided by Mepra of Italy, while the flatware hails from locations such as Germany and Kanazawa, Japan and is selected to suit the dish being prepared. Excellent for dates, meals with friends or entertaining guests, the relaxed interior is also available to charter for parties of seven or more, making the venue an excellent choice for anniversaries and other special occasions as well.
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A 5-minute walk from Iidabashi Station, Exit B3(Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line)
A 5-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station, Exit 1(Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)



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Seasonal ingredients Course
11,000 JPY / Guest
Seasonal ingredients Course
11,000 JPY / Guest




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Lunch:12:00~15:00(L.O.13:30) Dinner:18:00~23:00(L.O.21:00)


Sunday, Mondays Lunch Time


4F, 5-30-4 , Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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