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A Kumamoto world gourmet guide award Japanese cuisine has the energy of the life

""Rurikon"" is located about 2 km from Kumamoto Station, in the heart of Kumamoto, Kyushu. In a quiet residential area a little away from the bustling downtown streets, this Japanese restaurant has attracted world gourmet guide award. ""Ruruikon"" opened for business in 2013. It is a spot where you can get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy hospitality with heartwarming service, elegant tableware, and dishes created using ingredients from all the four seasons so that they are brimming with the mood and flavor of each season.

The owner-chef, Mr. Shinichi Nishimoto, says about his food that it is “seven parts ingredients and three parts technique.” Meat and fish are sourced from all over the country, while most of the vegetables purchased are grown in Kumamoto. Nishimoto says he gets ideas for his food when he spends time in nature. In the dishes he creates, each of the ingredients is vibrant—they are dishes in which you can feel the energy of the life force and the breath of nature. The rice that concludes the meal is cooked to match the pace of each guest and is served in a traditional wooden tub. Different kinds of alcohol—including French and Japanese wines and seasonal Japanese sake that has been carefully selected from around the country—have been selected without regard for brands but ensuring that only the best appear on the menu. They make the flavorsome Japanese dishes taste even more wonderful. In addition to things culinary, Nishimoto is also well versed in ceramics. He has a collection that ranges from antiques from around the world to pieces made by contemporary artists, and he also brings this sensibility to the way that he uses his tableware to suit the food.

""Rurikon"" has seating for 3 at the counter and 10 at the tables. The flowers that casually grace the entrance and interior are all fresh seasonal wildflowers picked by Nishimoto himself. They are filled with his warm spirit of wanting his customers to feel the changes of the seasons, not only in the food served but also in the ambiance of the interior. He explains: “I love to converse with the customers, so it makes me happy if they feel relaxed about coming here and striking up a conversation with me.” Enjoy the food and the alcohol with family or affable friends, and both body and soul are sure to feel delightfully warm from the core of your being.
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A 5-minute walk from Keitokukomae Station(Kumamoto Tarm A)



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    Date of Visit: 7/2021
    お店の清潔感も素晴らしく笑顔も素晴らしい店主さんでした。 リクエストしていた料理もとても美味しかったです。 ありがとうございました。
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14,124 JPY / Guest
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Rurikon [瑠璃紺(るりこん) ]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Lunch:12:00~13:30(L.O.)(Tue・Fri) Dinner:18:00~20:30(L.O.)


Wednesday, Irregular Holidays


1F, Alteheim Kumamoto, 1-17-16, Senbamachishimo, Kumamoto Chuo, Kumamoto

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Rurikon [瑠璃紺(るりこん) ]