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Enjoy sushi by the best seafood in Yokohama

The Kannai area of Yokohama is close to some of the city's best spots, such as Osanbashi Pier and Yokohama Stadium, and also plays home to a number of offices, such as Yokohama City Hall and the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office, but most importantly, there are a great many restaurants, giving the area a lively atmosphere. Hidden down a back street in Kannai is where you will find "Nakajo," filling sushi lovers with awe.

The owner-chef Kiyotaka Nakajo originally took over chef duties from his father at "Sushi Kappo Kiyokawa" in Motomachi Chinatown. After graduating from university, Kiyotaka first began learning about sushi from his father, and in 2017, relocated to the restaurant's present site. Accompanying this move, Chef Nakajo renamed the restaurant to "Nakajo," and set about creating a fresh restaurant. Describing the concept for the updated restaurant, Chef Nakajo explains that he is seeking the perfect harmony between the finest fish and the vinegared rice on which it is placed. To that end, he says that all types of nigiri sushi served at the restaurant are specialties, which is a way of saying that all the seafood ingredients used at Nakajo are of the highest grade; and of course, it all comes from Toyosu (ex-Tsukiji) Fish Market. Chef Nakajo procures the best fish available each day and is most particular about the tuna he buys. He has built up a strong relationship of mutual trust with Yukitaka Yamaguchi, the owner of Tsukiji specialist tuna seller "Yamayuki," and only selects the absolute finest tuna that they have on offer. He also procures top quality fish from "Asahi Suisan" in Tsukiji, so that he can delight customers with delicacies such as a tasting set of four kinds of sea urchin from different producing areas, and, depending on the season, grilled wild eel. To match such first-rate seafood, Chef Nakajo prepares his vinegared rice with a finely balanced blend of rice vinegar and red vinegar made from sake lees. Placed on top of this discerningly prepared rice is fish that has been lifted to a supreme level of deliciousness thanks to proper temperature control and aging, and Chef Nakajo's deft knifework. To accompany the exceptional sushi is a selection of 5 different kinds of Japanese sake, as well as wine from the Burgundy region. During a meal, Chef Nakajo will serve the optimum balance of sushi and side dishes according to each set of diners.

The inside of the restaurant is made up of 10 seats at a smart Hinoki cypress counter, and a private room that can accommodate up to 6 people. The dignified atmosphere characteristic to a sushi restaurant helps to enhance the mood, ensuring a great time whatever the occasion, whether a birthday, date, or simply entertaining. At "Nakajo," extraordinary sushi and an impressive dining experience await.
*The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 5-minute walk from Kannai Station(JR Keihin Tohoku Line)
A 5-minute walk from Kannai Station(Yokohama Municipal Subway Bule Line)



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38,500 JPY / Guest



Nakajo [なか條]

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Sunday, On the 1nd and 3th and 5th Sunday.


1F, Kannai Sumiyoshi Building, 3-29, Sumiyoshi-cho, Yokohama Naka-ku,, Kanagawa

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Nakajo [なか條]