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15,950 JPY 〜
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Kyoto cuisine and Edo-style sushi with the style of a long-running spot

"Uotoku" is an Edo-style sushi restaurant nearby the Mukojima-Hyakken Garden in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, known for its flowers in bloom every season. The restaurant opened in 1964, the same year as the first Olympics held in Asia - the Tokyo Olympics. The second owner of the restaurant - Kenichi Komiya - trained at the Kyoto Japanese restaurant "Kappo Yamashita" for 2 years after graduating from college. He entered "Uotoku" in 1992.

The restaurant concept is "sushi kaiseki with Kyoto-style cuisine and Edo-style sushi." With Kyoto-style dishes in the beginning and Edo-style sushi at the end, the traditional culinary culture of the major cities of the East and West regions of Japan can be sampled at once. The ingredients are mostly comprised of vegetables from Kyoto, but in autumn, ingredients like high-quality matsutake are sourced directly from a variety of areas including Hiroshima, Nagano, and Shikoku region; the very best of the season is sourced from all over Japan, starting from Toyosu(ex-Tsukiji) and beyond. Chef Komiya's grandfather originally started a seafood retail business and he goes out of his way to ensure particularly good quality.

"Uotoku" is especially good with eel and "osuimono." The eel, rather than being steamed first, is charcoal-grilled directly in the Kansai style. Making Kabayaki or small donburi by adding the eel to rice yields a variety of arrangements not often seen in eel specialty restaurants. The osuimono is the item of which Chef Komiya is most proud. The dashi broth takes 9 hours to make, with a high quality and depth that highlights the ingredients' true character. The decorative sushi at the end of the meal is made simply with fresh seafood and sushi rice made with red vinegar. The sushi that arises from Chef Komiya's technique is ready to be paired with a constant rotation of 10 types of Japanese sake. Among these, "Kamotsuru" from Hiroshima is often used in long-standing restaurants in Tokyo as an accompaniment for sushi and was a personal favorite of Chef Komiya's father, the previous owner.

The interior - made mostly of hinoki - is simply a 6-seat horigotatsu-style counter and a table for 4. In both cases, shoes are removed before seating, creating a pervasively relaxing space for eating. "Uotoku" is a great place to come share a seat with family or friends after a walk in the nearby gardens, experiencing the beauty of the seasons through sushi.
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A 4~5 minute walk from Higashi Mukojima Station(Tobu Isesaki Line)
A 15~20 minute walk from Keisei Hikihune Station(Keisei Oshiage Line)



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Uotoku [うを徳]

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(Tue)18:00~20:00(L.O) (Wed~Fri)17:30~20:00(L.O) (Sat)13:00~20:00(L.O) (Sun・Holidays)12:00~20:00(L.O)


Monday, Please understand that we will have holidays in lieu of public holidays on Mondays.


4-24-26, Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


Uotoku [うを徳]