Sushi Ohga

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Carrying on the tradition, a fourth-generation takes on the challenge of new sushi

Located 10 minutes on foot from Osaka's Sakai Station, the famous sushi shop "Yasuke" is known as the longstanding number-one place for sushi in Sakai. Across from it stands the unassuming building that is home to Sushi Oga. Its owner, Mr. Shinichiro Ohga, has the distinction of being a fourth-generation sushi chef at "Yasuke". After 3 years at "Yasuke," he honed his skills for 10 years at Japanese restaurants before deciding to create his own sushi and opening "Sushi Ohga" in 2018.

At Yasuke, each type of sushi is made with one of 2 varieties of vinegared rice, but Mr. Ohga opted to redesign everything from scratch, entering the ring with a single type of vinegared rice featuring a blend of three different red kinds of vinegar. The pursuit of further heights of flavor while standing on the shoulders of tradition is the essence of Mr. Ohga's craftsmanship. In addition, the sushi topping given center stage by Mr. Ohga is tuna, a rare thing in Japan's western region. He sources a wide variety of carefully-selected ingredients from Yamasachi, a Toyosu (formerly Tsukiji) sushi ingredient supplier counting famous Edomae-style sushi shops among its clients. When particularly high-quality ingredients are available, he even features a seven-part tuna course menu, with each course offering different cuts. He also pursues top quality in his renditions of western Japan's essential whitefish sushi dishes, sourcing ingredients directly from places such as Osaka's Honan Market and Awaji and carefully working them to draw out the maximum amount of flavor. Also, fun is the different and innovative side dishes, created using his experience working at Japanese restaurants, such as Awaji whitefish rolled with pickled sea cucumber ovaries. The venue also gives its guests a visual treat, with antique tableware, such as that of Rosanjin, used everywhere. The selection of Japanese sake features some 10 always-available varieties in addition to seasonal offerings and is centered around select dry and junmai varieties to best complement the sushi.

The relaxed interior features a single counter of Japanese cypress. With only eight seats available in total, it is easy for guests to watch the master at work. In addition to regulars from "Yasuke," there are also many guests who have been attracted directly by Sushi Ohga's new charm. Guests are sure to want to return to keep tasting the continuously-evolving sushi of Mr. Ohga, with his earnest attitude that "sushi is for anyone and everyone who enjoys it."
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A 15-minute walk from Sakai Station(Nankai Honsen)





Sushi Ohga [鮨 おおが]

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Lunch:12:00~13:30 Dinner:18:00~23:00(L.O.21:00)


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1-2-7, Oomatihigasi, Sakai Sakai-ku,, Osaka


Sushi Ohga [鮨 おおが]