Kaiseki Komuro

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A world gourmet guide award Japanese restaurant in delivers authentic tea ceremony-style kaiseki cuisine

A single building stands without a signboard, tucked away in a residential area of Kagurazaka, a district full of personality. Advancing along the long walkway with its bamboo fence puts guests on the approach to world gourmet guide award ""Kaiseki Komuro"". The owner-chef, Mr. Mitsuhiro Komuro trained for 7 years at kaiseki restaurant ""Wako"" before becoming a catering chef in 1993 and finally opening ""Kaiseki Komuro"" in 2000 in Kagurazaka. In 2018, the restaurant moved to its current location.

Also a chef to the head family of the Enshu-ryu school of Japanese tea ceremony, Mr. Komuro has the additional responsibility of preparing food for tea ceremonies throughout the year. Japanese cuisine blessed with ingredients from the four seasons and the bounty of the mountains and the sea: with this as his goal, he says that his mission is ""to convey to guests the ingredients, each of which is a sign of the seasons, in their natural forms."" Always on his mind is his simple and stoic quest to find the best ways to provide his guests with authenticity. From rice from Onoda Farm in Hakushu, Yamanashi Prefecture to shirako bamboo shoots from Tsukahara, Kyoto and natural softshell turtle, eel and mushrooms, Mr. Komuro, who has deep relationships with his producers, visits producers and production sites himself in search of the best each season has to offer, conveying the earnestness of the producers and the voices of the ingredients to diners through his dishes. His commitment to providing authenticity also extends to sake. With a deep passion for Japanese sake, in addition to regularly sourcing seasonal varieties from the experts at the Sakacho Liquor Store, Mr. Komuro also visits Japanese sake distilleries during peak brewing time each year and looks forward to hearing from the head distillers and learning about the quality of new batches. In addition to champagne, the wine selection is centered around Japanese wine from Katsunuma in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The interior of ""Kaiseki Komuro"" is designed by Kyoto architect Tetsu Kijima. There are 10 counter seats adjacent to the elegant courtyard, as well as two individual rooms on the second floor, with a clean and well-kept atmosphere suitable for important family gatherings and the entertainment of guests from overseas. A wide collection of excellent pieces of tableware further adds to the elegance of the space and the dishes served. Mr. Komuro gained a deep appreciation of tableware from his work training as a chef at Wako and dealing with tea ceremony implements, and in addition to antique pieces, he has personally selected modern pieces from the likes of Suda Seika and Sawamura Tosai as well as Wajima Lacquerware and pots from Nakagawa Ippento at Kumoigama, which, together with the sense of the shifting of the seasons, treat guests to an experience that is visual as well as gastronomic. Because of the perfectionism with which every aspect of the experience has been designed, it is Mr. Komura's hope that ""even younger guests, who may not be as familiar with authentic traditional Japanese cuisine, will have a chance to come and experience it."" Guests are invited to enjoy this authentic Japanese cuisine in a refreshing, traditional Japanese space.

※ Awarded 2 star on world-renowned gourmet guide Tokyo 2023

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A 10-minute walk from Iidabshi Station, Exit West(JR Chuo Sobu Line)



  • 70's

    Date of Visit: 10/2022
    Number of visits: 2+Purpose: With family
  • 70's

    Date of Visit: 7/2022
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family
  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 3/2021
    Each course was outstanding! The fried Shirako was particularly memorable.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With friend



Kofuku Omakase Course
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Special course to enjoy the season
36,300 JPY / Guest



Kaiseki Komuro [懐石 小室]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Lunch:12:00~15:00(L.O.13:00) Dinner:18:00~22:00(L.O.20:00)


Sunday, Public Holiday, New years Holidays, Golden Week, Summer Vacation


35-4, Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


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Kaiseki Komuro [懐石 小室]