Oryouri Fujii

24,200 JPY 〜
/ Guest
24,200 JPY 〜
/ Guest
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A two-star Japanese restaurant inspired by devotion to the local area, showcasing Toyama's finest ingredients and sake

A two-star “Oryouri Fujii” is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Gofuku, 10-minute drive from Toyama Station. Hironori Fujii, the owner, serves dishes inspired by his love of the local area, featuring Toyama mountain delicacies and delicious seafood.

After graduating from high school, Chef Fujii spent a year studying Japanese cuisine at the “Ecole Tsuji Tokyo”, the national cookery school in Tokyo. He learned his trade for five years at ""Zeniya""which is a world gourmet guide award washoku restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, and then went to work at ""Mashita"" in Kyoto’s Gion in for another 6 years, under the supervision of the owner, who was from the main restaurant of the ""Shofukuro"" chain in Shiga. After that, he returned to his hometown Toyama and opened his own restaurant “Oryori Fujii” in 2011. The restaurant has strong regional ties and is highly regarded by the locals, as well as being listed in world gourmet guide.

“My ethos is to create food that blends the well-established traditions of Japanese cuisine with contemporary techniques, reflecting the changes of the four seasons,” says Chef fujii. He wants his guests to enjoy what he describes as Toyama's “treasure trove"" of food, with dishes that feature produce of the earth and ingredients purchased directly from the producers. His aim is to serve dishes that consist almost entirely of produce from Toyama. He puts a particular emphasis on the “dashi” (soup stock) he uses since this is the base ingredient for all his cooking. The key ingredients are: kelp (Chef fujii uses high-grade aromatic Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido); bonito flakes (he uses high quality dried fermented tuna, “katsuobushi,” from Makurazaki in Kagoshima - the flakes are shaved daily to ensure the best dashi); water (he uses well water from Manjusen's brewery). He adds seasonal ingredients and serves these together with the dashi as a soup dish which can be enjoyed all year round.

The fine quality of Toyama's water means it is also well-known for its sake and liquor. Fujii serves a wide range of sake from Toyama breweries; there are 20 varieties available, each one from a different brewery to ensure as representative a selection as possible. In terms of non-local varieties, the restaurant serves sake from the Manjusen, the Iwase storehouse in the restaurant area. It also serves wine from “SAYS FARM” in Himi, Toyama, as well as shochu and plum wine from Toyama. Inside the restaurant, where you can experience the food being prepared in front of you, and a tatami room with tables and chairs which are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from dates to dinners with friends and family. There is also a completely separate private room (4-6 seats), recommended for important occasions such as entertaining or a meeting.

Chef Fujii feels a deep affection for the region and is devoted to using ingredients from the local area. He is now preparing a new phase of growth. His restaurant will relocate to the “Iwase area” with its early Edo period buildings in the northern part of Toyama, this quiet port town redolent of old Japan.

Overall this is a restaurant that sets its sights on being a high-class venue. It has its eyes firmly set on the future, with the unending pursuit of its ideals to convey the best that Japanese culture has to offer.
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A 10-minutes walk from Toyama Light Rail or Higashi-Iwase Station on the JR Hokuriku Main Line or Hokuriku Shinkansen



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    Date of Visit: 11/2021
    期待以上の雰囲気、お料理、お酒、おもてなし、すべてに感激しました。 また是非うかがいます。
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    Date of Visit: 8/2021
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    Date of Visit: 8/2021
    とても綺麗で美味しいお料理でした。 お酒も美味しく、チェイサーの水も美味しかったです。 また伺いたいです。ごちそうさまでした。
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Omakase Course
24,200 JPY / Guest
Omakase Course
24,200 JPY / Guest



Oryouri Fujii [御料理 ふじ居]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Lunch:11:00-14:00(L.O.13:00) Dinner:18:00-22:00(L.O.20:00)


Monday, On the 3th Tuesday.


93, Higashiiwase cho, Toyama, Toyama

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Oryouri Fujii [御料理 ふじ居]