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Roppongi dining offering lump Japanese Black Wagyu "Tamura Beef"

Located 3 minutes from the busy Roppongi intersection in the business district of Roppongi in Tokyo, in the direction of Tokyo Midtown. Descend into a building in a quiet area a little way away from the bustle and a sign for "BEYOND B.B" appears. Chef Takashi Yasuda acquired his skills and knowledge from the yakiniku joint his parents run in Fukuoka. He participated in the establishment of Hakata Mizutake Kamekichi after arriving in Tokyo and opened "BEYOND B. B" in 2015. After devoting himself to understanding the innate flavor of meat, he held a renewal opening in 2018.

Under the motto "Never compromise with meat," Chef Yasuda exclusively uses domestic heifers, focused around his especially carefully selected Wagyu Tamura Beef. Tamura Beef is a Jun Tajima stock considered to be particularly precious even among Japanese Black cattle. It is an exceptionally high-quality beef produced exclusively with virgin heifers of the Tajima pedigree which have been fattened in an ideal environment. That beef is carefully grilled in lump form using methods that bring out its umami flavor fully.

The Wagyu meat that results from this careful and laborious grilling process yields a condensed umami flavor that spreads through the mouth along with the juices the moment it enters your mouth. The menu is comprised exclusively of luxurious courses that allow guests to appreciate the true flavor of wagyu. There are a number of options with a Japanese flair using fresh organic vegetables. With a focus on Japanese sake and Japanese wine that pairs well with the food, there are a variety of Italian, Spanish, and Israeli wines available, as well as champagne. In particular, the Oita Prefecture Ajimu wine is a great match for the meat and is recommended to try along with a course at least once.

To match the food, the modern Japanese interior is replete with books and a traditional dry landscape garden (karesansui), 4 private rooms of different types available for 2 to 11 guests, a counter that seats 15, and a lounge that seats 12. A notable characteristic is the differences between the private rooms depending on the intended use. Rooms have different floors to suit situation and preference whether for receptions, dates, or special events etc., ensuring that the experience will be different every time as you sample different varieties of meat.
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A 4-minute walk from Roppongi Station, Exit 3,4(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
A 1-minute walk from Roppongi Station, Exit 7(Toei Oedo Line)



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    Date of Visit: 1/2019
    We had a truly memorable and excellent meal at the restaurant. The staff was very gracious and tried their best to explain each course to us. They gave us 2 extra puddings to take home after our meal. Each beef dish was excellent was showcased the variety and extensive range of what an awesome piece of meat should be. Thank you for the meal.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family


Kiwami Course
17,761 JPY / Guest



BEYOND B.B [BEYOND B.B(ビヨンドビービー)]

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4-11-13, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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BEYOND B.B [BEYOND B.B(ビヨンドビービー)]