26,400 円 〜
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26,400 円 〜
/ 人
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A two-star Modern Spanish cuisine in a 140-year-old townhouse in Kanazawa

Omicho Market is one of the most popular spots in the ancient city of Kanazawa. Right next to this bustling market stands A two-star Spanish restaurant, "respiracion". Taking up the whole of a 140-year-old townhouse that has been lovingly restored, and blending harmoniously with the atmospheric old streets, "respiracion" is also just a 5-minute walk from the Higashi Chaya entertainment district. The entrance is marked only by a small gold plate bearing the name of the restaurant, so you can't help but wonder what kind of experience is waiting on the other side of the door before you go inside.

There are three chefs at "respiracion": head chef Tatsuro Ume, Keisuke Yagi, and Yusuke Kitagawa. All three chefs hail from Ishikawa prefecture and have been friends since childhood; Chefs Ume and Yagi have spent time honing their culinary skills in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to the three chefs, there is sommelier Toshihiro Kanemura, and this 4-person team is devoted to bringing the world of modern Spanish cuisine to the Hokuriku region of Japan. The dishes served at "respiracion" is modern, and each dish contains inviting flavors as well as novelty. For example, the dish that is always served at the beginning of a set meal is the "Reconstructed Sweet Shrimp". This brightly colored little ball looks like a confection but is actually created using every part of the shrimp: the tomalley from inside the shrimp is made into a wrapper into which the meat is stuffed, while the shell is turned into a tart. With an unexpected presentation like this, the three chefs draw you into their culinary world. Also, no meal here would be complete without paella, and the paella served at "respiracion" really proves their credentials as a Spanish restaurant. As for wine, Sommelier Kanemura has assembled a selection of French and Spanish offerings to pair with the food, as well as a number of local Japanese wine, such as Says Farm and Noto Wine.

As soon as you set foot inside the elegant townhouse setting of "respiracion," you'll be struck by the refined interior, and would be forgiven for mistaking it for an art gallery. The restaurant has 20 tables, and it is the perfect setting to enjoy a special day with family or friends. The restaurant name, "respiracion," comes from the Spanish word for breathing, and, as an anchor connected to the breath of life from producers, Chefs Ume, Yagi, and Kitagawa believed it to be a fitting name for the unique dining space that they have created. Charmed by the exciting space, more and more people are traveling from afar to sample the delights at this restaurant.
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A 15-minute walk from Kanazawa Station(JR Hokuriku Line,Hokuriku Shinkansen)



  • 40's

    来店日: 2/2022
    旬の珍しい地物の食材をたくさん 美味しくいただけて、ホスピタリティもよく とても満足でした。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 友達と食事
  • 30's

    来店日: 10/2021
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚
  • 50's

    来店日: 9/2021
    それぞれの料理が美味しいですが、コースの構成が素晴らしくより満足感が得られました。 またスタッフの方々の対応も非常に良く、こちらも更に満足度を高めてくださいました。 またお伺い出来る時を楽しみにしておます。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 友達と食事



Corse respiracion
26,400 円 / 人
Corse respiracion
26,400 円 / 人



respiracion [レスピラシオン(respiracion)]


Other Western cuisine


Lunch:12:00~15:00(13:00L.O) Dinner:18:00~21:30



67, Bakurocho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa



respiracion [レスピラシオン(respiracion)]