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A first-rate marriage of wine and local chicken

"Toriyui" is located nearby Akasaka Station in Tokyo. This is a grilled chicken restaurant for adults, where you can enjoy the marriage of wine and grilled chicken sourced from Hinai, Akita in a relaxed space gently illuminated by lamps.

The course dishes include everything from light items to heavy dishes and are completed by pairing them with wine. Every day, they put properly aged local chicken on skewers piece by piece and cover it in rock salt from Sicily, Italy. Using thin logs of high-grade Kishu white charcoal, skilled cooks adjust how they grill for each cut so they all come out nice and juicy. Popular items include constant favorites like chicken-leek skewers and liver, as well as uncommon cuts like blood vessel and egg yolk, which come in limited amounts. We recommend stating which cuts you want to eat when you make your reservation. The vegetables specially selected for the skewers and appetizers are made with organic fertilizer purchased from a contracted farmer and contain no agrochemicals. The wine selection includes around 200 varieties mainly sourced from France, including vintage wines. The subtle selection of the sommelier is one of the charms of "Toriyui".

The restaurant contains a wood-pattern counter with 6 seats and several elegant cloth-covered tables, and the jazz playing in the background goes together with the alcohol burners to create a low-light moody atmosphere. The flickering flames of the burners gradually grow brighter as you near the main dish, making your lovely time even more enjoyable. This is an adult space that overturns the concept of a grilled chicken restaurant, and we hope you enjoy the marriage of wine and local chicken for a birthday party, wine party, business meeting, or date.
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Akasaka Station(Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)



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Toriyui Pairing Course
18,000 JPY / Guest
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Toriyui [鳥結(トリユイ)(旧:赤坂 Toriya Premium)]

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Opening hours

17:00〜23:00(L.O. 22:00)


Sunday, Sunday, Public Holiday


3-14-7, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Toriyui [鳥結(トリユイ)(旧:赤坂 Toriya Premium)]