Sushi Ino

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A world gourmet guide award sushi restaurant in Matsuyama, Ehime spares no effort in preparing excellent Edomae style sushi using only the finest ingredients.

A shopping quarter in Matsuyama, Ehime. On the third floor of a building at the intersection of Nibancho Dori and Yasaka Dori is one-star restaurant ""Sushi Ino"". Owner Yusuke Ino fell in love with the location and the building's beautiful glass exterior; he knew this was just the place for his restaurant. Today, he lovingly crafts sushi here.
Ino trained for four years at Matsuyama sushi restaurant ""Edomae Ichiro"", mastering the style. He opened ""Sushi Ino"" in 2014, and the restaurant soon rose in popularity and earned world gourmet guide award. ""I can say with confidence that we offer the best fish in Matsuyama,"" says Ino.

Purchased fresh from the market every morning, the fish are slaughtered via Ikejime or blood-letting and prepared using the best method for the particular type of fish. Popular choices include dotted gizzard shad and conger eel. Edomae sushi staple tuna is purchased at auction from a reputable broker in Toyosu so that the residents of Ehime, where white fish is favored, can discover the deliciousness of quality tuna. Japanese Sake lover Mr.Ino offers an astounding range of 50 sake varieties from all around Japan. Dry sake makes up much of the selection, and Ino offers sake recommendations to complement the sushi or the diner's tastes. Alternatively, white wine or champagne also make a great accompaniment to the sushi.

The most salient feature of the bright, pristine interior is the counter at the back, crafted from a single piece of ginkgo wood. Carefully arranged lighting ensures that diners can clearly see their hands and the sushi crafted by the chefs, the grains of rice of the nigiri glistening brightly. There are ten seats at the main counter where Ino works, and another eight seats in front of the counter where a second chef is stationed. ""Sushi Ino"" is a perfect choice for almost any situation, from outings with friends or family to dates. If you want to eat good sushi, just lift up the shop curtains and come on in; you won't be disappointed.
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A 5-minute walk from Okaido Station(Iyo Tetsudo 2 lines)
A 5-minute walk from Okaido Station(Iyo Tetsudo 3 lines)
A 5-minute walk from Okaido Station(Iyo Tetsudo 6 lines)



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    来店日: 8/2020
    お店の清潔感 お願いしていた内容のお品書きも有り 大将の自信の一品一品を堪能しました。 熟成させたネタなども有り、流石だと思いました。 マグロの赤身、とろは期待し過ぎていた為に少しもの足りなさを感じましたが、いかは美味しくて一貫追加しました。 ビールグラスなども良い品物を使って有りとても満足しました。  また手抜きがちなあがりも美味しく全てに行き届いてました。 また行きたいと思います。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: その他
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    来店日: 8/2020
    来店回数: 2回以上訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚
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    来店日: 7/2020
    和歌山県からのお客様の接待でつかわせていただきました。にぎり中心の昼コースをお頼みしていましたが、最初に軽いあてと蟹の冷製茶碗蒸しが出たのは、少し呑みたかったので、とても良かったです。 にぎりは、夏の魚 イサキやアジ 地物のウニ(中島)、珍しいクエのヅケにぎりがいただけて、お客様も喜んでおられました。店主さんは、全国の旬と美味しい種を熟知しておられるようで、県内、県外の方どちらも楽しめる構成となっています。 ごはんのたきぐあい、酢の塩梅が心地よく、香りの良いマグロ、酢〆のアジと良く合っていました。 気持ち良く食事をさせていただき、良い接待となりました。また、再訪いたします。
    来店回数: 2回以上訪問来店目的: 仕事で接待


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Sushi Ino [鮨いの]




Lunch: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Dinner: 6:00 pm - 12:00 am




3F, Mitsuwa320 Building, 1-10-9, Nibancho, Matsuyama, Ehime



Sushi Ino [鮨いの]