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Yakitori × Fermentation × Natural Wine: A New Style Coming Out of Roppongi

"Yakitori & Wine Moto" is a 3-minute walk from Roppongi Crossing, and its clean, white facade stands out from its surroundings. "Moto" has recently garnered popularity for its new take on yakitori culture that focuses on fermented food and natural wine, in addition to skewered chicken.

The foundations of the restaurant's unique concept are in its boundless respect for the traditional Japanese dish of yakitori. The restaurant expands on the concept by implementing fermentation, another Japanese culinary tradition. By focusing on more than the chicken itself, it is creating its own new style of yakitori. Menu development has been aided by ideas from two of the minds behind modern Vietnamese restaurant "An Di": prominent Japanese wine taster Motohiro Okoshi, and Chihiro Naito who previously worked his way up to the rank of sous-chef at world gourmet guide award French restaurant "L’Effervescence" in Omotesando.

Yuta Hasebe, the chef at "Yakitori & Wine Moto", has over 10 years of experience cooking Italian at the likes of Le Acacie. He has implemented fermentation techniques and an Italian flair into Moto's entrees, appetizers, and sauces. By approaching yakitori from a different vector, accenting dishes with strong umami and acidic tones, he brings out the best of the restaurant's signature dish, yakitori, in courses that keep diners interested in what's coming next.

He artfully selects chicken from all corners of Japan, from sources including breeds like Kyoto's Kyobeni Jidori and Aichi's Kinsodori, in order to allow diners to enjoy the distinct flavors each different cut has to offer. He selects chicken like a sushi chef selects fish, picking the best breeds at the best times and preparing each piece of meat in the way most suited to its unique characteristics.

The vast lineup of natural wines and Japanese sake selected by Okoshi make for perfect dining companions. The stars of the show are the natural wine. Carefully selected from across the globe, they are well known for being easier on the body, but more importantly at Moto, they play an integral role in the dining experience. The various wine comes in a variety of vessels, including both glasses and decanters as the situation demands, and are expertly paired with the menu's plethora of skewered delights.

The subdued, modern Japanese decor sets the stage for 9 counter seats overlooking the grill and 14 table seats. The restaurant also offers one private dining area that seats six guests. Space can accommodate a wide variety of clientele, be they lone diners or a small group for casual dining, entertaining business clients, or celebrating an anniversary.
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A 3-minute walk from Roppongi Station, Exit 5(Tokyo Metro Hibiya LIne)
A 3-minute walk from Roppongi Station, Exit 5(Toei Oedo Line)



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    Date of Visit: 11/2022
    とてもおいしかったです。 ペアリングで注文させていただいたワインも最高でした。 発酵料理もとてもおいしかったです。 また行きたいと思いました。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With friend
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    Date of Visit: 9/2019
    An excellent meal. Each dish was unique and was both beautiful and delicious. There was a good mixture of Yakitori and other small dishes that helped keep the meal interesting and exciting throughout. The restaurant also has an interesting selection of wines, both by the glass and by the bottle.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Business dinner
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    Date of Visit: 7/2019
    Great place for fermented
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6,655 JPY / Guest



Yakitori & Wine Moto [焼き鳥とワイン 源 MOTO]

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17:00 pm - 23:00 pm (L.O.22:30 pm)




3-8-7, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Yakitori & Wine Moto [焼き鳥とワイン 源 MOTO]