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A world gourmet guide awardred French restaurant that honors the bounty of the “blue forest”

In 2019, it moved to a new location between Daikanyama and Ebisu. The new theme upheld by the world gourmet guide award French restaurant "abysse" is the "blue forest."

""abysse"", which means the oceanic depths, charms food connoisseurs with avant-garde dishes that honor the ocean and the forest. Chef Kotaro Meguro trained for 1 year at the world gourmet guide award ""Le Petit Nice – Passedat"" in the port city of Marseilles, which specializes in seafood. After returning to Japan, he honed his skills at the Michein 3-star ""Quintessence"" in Shinagawa, then in 2015, opened ""Abysse"" in Minami-aoyama. After moving to Daikanyama, he updated the name of the restaurant, as well as its logo and theme, and has gone on to the next stage at ""abysse"".

Chef Meguro's goal is ""unique dishes that are not bound by genre"". He says ""I want to share the magnificence of the seafood of Japan, which has a different lineup from season to season”. He improves on the natural qualities of the ingredients and draws out their umami through techniques that include using reductions of a variety of carefully extracted soup stocks as bases for the sauces, and draining and letting fish stand. He is also careful about varying the intensity and depth of the flavors in order to provide a comfortable flow to the courses. He is even more particular about taking advantage of the colors of the ingredients and expressing them on the plate. For example, sea bream is presented in its glory using a sauce that brings out the ""white"" of the meat and the ""red"" of the scales.

""If the specialty is seafood, we should stock the highest quality seafood."" He receives direct shipments from Mr. Junichi Fujimoto, the fisherman in Ehime renowned for his shinkei-jime technique of slaughtering fish, Namikiya in Odawara, which handles wild local fish from Sagami Bay, as well as other reputable business partners such as the markets in Sapporo, Kokura, and Yamaguchi. He then combines this with the ""forest"", which leads to the ""ocean"" where the fish live, using only rigorously selected vegetables in order to build the ultimate taste. The 250 or so wines selected by a sommelier to accompany Chef Meguro's gorgeous dishes start with Burgundies from France and include trending wines from all over the world. Wine pairings are also recommended.

The interior also invokes the image of a ""blue forest"". The concept of ""abysse"" is staged through props that include a tree sunk in a Northern European lake on the wall. The kitchen is open so that he can show himself cooking as well as check on the guests, and maintain the perfect distance between the chef and the guests while keeping a sense of unity. The private rooms have glass walls but are designed to protect privacy through smoke sheets. The dining tables are all around, based on Chef Meguro's strong desire that ""I want each guest to preserve their own worldview, and focus on the conversation with their companions and on the food"". ""I want to face the food and the guests with sincerity every single day to make this into a good restaurant,"" says Chef Meguro, with gentle passion. Enjoy the appeal of the regenerated ""abysse"" with your fellow foodies, family, and friends.
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A 4-minute walk from Daikanyama Station, Exit East(Tokyu Toyoko Line)



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abysse [abysse(アビス)]

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Lunch:12:00 pm - 4:00 pm (L.O.1:00 pm ) Dinner:6:00 pm - 12:00 am(L.O.8:30 pm)


Wednesday, Lunch is only available on Sundays and Public Holidays


1F, ebisu-hills, 1-30-12, Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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abysse [abysse(アビス)]
The vicinity of Tokyu Line